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Every business owner wants to control the incoming supply chain to enhance service and improve cost performance. They want to focus on increasing outward order fill rates and customer satisfaction. However, it is impossible to achieve that with a traditional record-keeping procedure as it is pretty daunting and easy to lose track of. 

With Auto Inbound Shipment solutions, you can deal with such problems. Here, in this case, study, you will come across how to utilize the functionalities of Auto Inventory Solution in the right manner.



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    The client requested the creation of a simple method for updating inventory information in incoming shipments.

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    The entire procedure was required to be made simple and easy for the user to avoid the worry of setting up inventory information for the new item they have added to stock.



Although it seems quite easy to keep track of inventory, as the business expands, it is not the same! Without an efficient system, it is commonly observed that if a user clicks on an inventory detail, the system will assume that they are expected to enter the information manually. Thus, the automation will not take place since the script will not run. The client wanted to automate the entire process of inventory updating to keep track of incoming shipments and run error-free operations.

So, it was necessary to develop a simple system for updating inventory information in incoming shipments along with cutting down the worry of setting up inventory information for every new item added to stock.


Our Solutions

We utilized the Auto Inbound Shipment features to fulfill our clients' demands:

Vendor routing guide
We created an official inbound routing guide with the client's cooperation and authorization and delivered it to all participating suppliers. The client's expectations for supplier performance in terms of product readiness, scheduling, routing, product quality, documentation, financial settlement, etc., were all stated in the guide. Expectations and conditions of engagement were formally communicated after they were disseminated to and acknowledged by each provider.
The receiving department of the client used a Quality Control checklist to track various infractions committed by the vendors regarding product condition, pallet quality, packaging, shipping documentation, labeling, bar-coding, etc. The routing guide also served to support this Quality Control checklist. The completed Quality Control checklists were utilized as helping evidence for the customer and supplier to levy charge-backs owing to non-compliance.

Download Purchase Order
We set up an automatic download of the client's open purchase order file to acquire access to and control open purchase orders. The daily file contained purchase orders for domestic and foreign goods and standard and blanket purchases. Purchase orders placed by the client's clients' clients were likewise recorded.
Daily orders are downloaded into the TMS system. The TMS enabled the outsourced operations department to execute and correctly handle inbound shipments on behalf of the client daily. The customer wanted to outsource the daily freight management function to Land-Link. Additionally, "HOT" loads and partial releases under blanket purchase orders were supported.

Scheduling and Routing
We were able to better schedule and route inbound shipments for the customer thanks to the download of open purchase orders. The temporary off-site consolidation process was stopped and replaced with standardized, structured delivery slots of one hour based on the number of doors open to receive incoming orders and the number of carriers supporting the logistics process (usually three core carriers at any given time). To provide the customer with a single source solution, imports were processed as part of the procedure.

Daily Scheduling and Planning
We connected with each supplier on a per order, per shipment basis to assure prompt delivery of the goods to the client by using the specified delivery dates provided to each purchase order minus relevant transit time.
Additionally, the client had complete control over all carrier and route selections on a per-shipment basis, which eliminated inflated freight prices, early and late deliveries, overages, shortages, and port congestion. Using ASNs, ACNs, EDI transmissions, the Management Sheet, and the Pre-Load Report further improved daily planning and operational control.

Service Level maintenance and Sustainability
By maintaining excellent contact with the customer, supplier, and asset-based carrier, VNMT ensured that the required service levels were maintained at all times per shipment basis. The continued advantages of the program were also made possible to track every cargo from pickup to delivery as well as its assistance for service and cost performance reporting.

Performance metrics
Various performance metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been used and are still relied upon to assess cost and service performance as well as to spot any other trouble spots that require improvement.


Outcomes of Auto Inventory Solution

As the client's organization and the business environment in general changed and evolved, so did the solution implemented and the techniques employed by us to support the client's inbound supply chain. Our client was pleased with the auto inventory solution for the job involving inbound shipments. It also helped them attain zero worries on account of entering inventory information on the inbound shipment page, ensuring seamless and improved customer experiences.


Our specialists successfully followed the instructions. They improved business conditions and implemented the auto inventory solution in response to consumer needs. With our help, even you can systematize inventory and stock records in the most efficient manner possible, assuring no inconvenience.


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