Setting up new business solutions can prove to be an intimidating and high-risk task. VNMT’s NetSuite Consulting Services are designed to assist you quickly and efficiently implement NetSuite, a cloud-based ERP system while lessening risk and minimizing the impact to your business operations, environment and the personnel. VNMT helps you achieve full value from your investment using an implementation methodology that takes into consideration your business goals, operational processes and the time constraints of your staff.

VNMT NetSuite Consulting Services endorse two main strategies for NetSuite Project Management, Consulting, Training and Implementation Services:

  1. Flexible hourly/daily implementation and training on demand
  2. End-to-end managed implementation

VNMT’s Speculations for NetSuite Consulting Services include

  • Order management.
  • Accounting and Financials.
  • Invoicing.
  • Inventory management.
  • Purchasing management.
  • NetSuite multi-currency and Multi Company.
  • NetSuite Integrations.
  • NetSuite Billing.
  • NetSuite Website builds.
  • NetSuite Administration.
  • Customer Service and Training.
  • Ecommerce, Web Analytics, and web store.

Why Choose Us? VNMT’s Personalized NetSuite Consulting

If you figure out the cost estimation of our personalized NetSuite implementation high, we can maneuver a more flexible approach to the project, with an hourly/daily rate for implementation and charge for the hours of work performed. We work with individuals from various teams or departments of your business to successfully implement NetSuite. Time, resources and training are key components for ERP implementation. Our consultants will rigorously follow your business schedules to ensure all of your teams are trained and are comfortable with NetSuite.

For major complex implementations, we advocate a full Managed Project Implementation using NetSuite’s One Methodology, in addition to our implementation process. Our consultants will develop and administer the project in channel with a logical roll out and training plan for the business. We will analyze the requirements before developing a project plan highlighting the responsibilities of all parties involved in the success of the project. With this approach, we seldom discover it is our consultants who bring the most of the configuration to the NetSuite platform, rather than the company’s internal resources.

VNMT’s goal is to yield you with a solution which undoubtedly supports your business as instantaneously as possible. We may justify a phased approach to the implementation for comforting users utilizing NetSuite. Phased implementations serve the benefit of potentially minimizing underutilized and unproductive license costs while increasing familiarity and convenience with the application so that it can be introduced within the business more speedily, enhancing the benefit you gain from NetSuite.

Meanwhile substituting as a NetSuite Partner and Solution Provider, we give an end-to-end solution and service to get you live on NetSuite. We understand switching to a new ERP system requires plenty of deliberation, effort and time. Our consultants have insight of your industry and will ensure that you are setup accurately on NetSuite with the modules that you require. We will ensure that your migration to NetSuite is smooth and satisfactory.