Power your business to a new platform with ease and flexibility. VNMT is a leading NetSuite migration service provider allowing you to migrate your data from the legacy software to the NetSuite platform.

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We provide a comprehensive data migration service to help enterprises migrate the entire data from their legacy software solutions to the NetSuite platform. Make the most out of the NetSuite platform with streamlined data migration.


Varied Migration

At VNMT, we allow the migration of data from all legacy software solutions including existing CRM, ERP, Supply Chain, Financial and Accounting, management and administration, and other software.


Seamless Migration

Our data migration to NetSuite platform from all existing legacy software offers a seamless and streamlined experience with no interference caused to the business processes.


Reliable Data Transfer

While transferring the data from legacy systems to the NetSuite platform we formulate and prepare data in a secure and reliable way to stay clear of any risks of data loss.


Optimized Migration

With experience in data migration for different industries we ensure migrating data from legacy systems to NetSuite by strictly addressing the business-specific constraints and needs.

NetSuite Migration Services

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End-to-End Migrations

We offer comprehensive end-to-end migration services catering to the needs of data transfer from different legacy software to the NetSuite platform.

File-to-System Migrations

We offer easy and streamlined file to system migration to help data transfer by using different system optimised formats and tools.


We offer expert advisory services to help you jumpstart data transfer from the legacy software to the NetSuite platform with ease.

Easy Field Mapping

VNMT helps you with comprehensive field mapping to have a seamless transfer between the source legacy application and destination NetSuite platform.

Embrace the cloud to boost and accelerate your business strategy. The NetSuite migration experts at VNMT help you to start, scale and adapt in a changing market.

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Having earned a reputation as the leading NetSuite implementation and migration service with a global footprint, NetSuite allows data migration that perfectly addresses business-specific requirements as per the existing legacy software systems in use.

At VNMT, we create a comprehensive data migration plan based upon the existing legacy software systems in use and the industry-specific data formats, NetSuite data migration tools, and data transfer needs that need to be addressed. We focus on execution as per the business-specific constraints and needs. Let’s take your business to a place where automation thrives and flexibility rules with our NetSuite cloud migration services. Together we can plan to stay ahead of the curve.

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It's not about the numbers that speak our power, but our expertise that has helped a number of businesses.

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With the blend of experience and technology, VNMT’s dedicated NetSuite development team is ready to help you make a well-engineered move to cloud.

Adapting a unified cloud platform is probably on your to-do. But it’s not as easy as lifting and shifting data from one platform to another. VNMT as the leading data migration and transfer company makes it possible with its expertise. We offered NetSuite data migration services for years to a variety of enterprises across all sizes and niches. Our expertise with data migration encompasses our experience and exposure across a variety of enterprise software solutions and tools such as Tally, QuickBooks, Sage, ACT, Microsoft, and several others.

Over the years our standout experience and expertise with NetSuite data migration encompass a wide array of data formats and migration tools such as CSV Imports, Web Services, Boomi, and several others. At VNMT, we come with a consultative approach to offer a highly tailored NetSuite data migration befitting the business requirements.

Advance Features

Bringing the power of NetSuite ERP to Shopify e-commerce stores

Engaging Shopping Experiences
With Netsuite SuiteCommerce we ensure creating visually stunning and beautiful e-commerce stores with pixel-perfect design. We ensure creating unique brand presence, engaging shopping experience and steady business conversions through capabilities such as quick product views, product comparisons, reviews, wish lists and many others.

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We offer a robust team of NetSuite migration experts with years of exposure and experience across industry-specific data migration and formatting needs. We take the data migration tasks seriously enough to create a specific NetSuite data migration strategy as per the present legacy software solutions in use and the industry-specific needs to address. Our data transfer and migration expertise encompasses a variety of industry-specific data formats and existing NetSuite data migration best practices. When it comes to data migration and data transfer, our experience and expertise stand second to none.

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Sort out your queries regarding NetSuite Migration Service!

The data migration to the NetSuite ERP system refers to the process of transferring data from other legacy software systems and original sources to the NetSuite ERP system. Such data migration tasks often involve transferring data from numerous systems, data formats, and storage solutions to the unified NetSuite ERP system.

At VNMT, we ensure smooth and frictionless NetSuite data integration and follow the industry-acclaimed steps starting with identifying the data to be migrated, checking the respective fields, carrying out data clean-up wherever necessary, carrying out small data tests, addressing issues when they arise, and documenting the entire migration process.

Data migration plays an extremely important role in the functioning of ERP systems because of many reasons. First of all, the process integrates the entire enterprise data processing for a business while optimizing the accuracy and precision of data. Streamlining the data-driven operation is the key reason to opt for data migration.

There are many challenges and risks involved in NetSuite migration including managing the entire project by involving the right people, maintaining timely delivery and budget, ensuring optimum data quality, dealing with the resistance to change through comprehensive training and support, and keeping the system up to date, are some of the key challenges that data migration needs to handle.

The cost of data migration varies to a great extent. The cost can easily with the volume of data records to be moved and the complexities involved in the process. When millions of records need to be moved, the data migration cost can really increase significantly.

VNMT as the leading NetSuite implementation company with a global footprint is already sought after as the expert NetSuite migration service provider. VNMT’s NetSuite data migration service is preferred by businesses across the niches simply because of the efficiency in handling data records stored with legacy systems specific to particular business brands. VNMT is the most preferred NetSuite migration company also because of the sheet exposure the company has in multitude of data migration projects across all industry niches.
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