VNMT caters rich NetSuite training from skillful and experienced NetSuite consultants. We provide both onsite and remote training services to NetSuite IT teams and end users. Our services can provide NetSuite training for your users onsite or remotely. We aid both structured and on-demand training programs in NetSuite to organizations lowering their reliance on support and bettering product utilization.

NetSuite Training Services: Areas of our specialization

VNMT’s training services aids companies to cut down implementation and support costs while improving ROI (Return of Investment) through exceptional product utilization. Our training services help enterprises dodge long-term support contracts. We also provide structured and on-demand training programs at different stages of the project lifecycle. You can practice our training services during implementation or after implementation.

Structured Training

  • We offer structured training courses to promote your IT team to advance their skill levels in core NetSuite technologies. Such intensive training courses span between 3-6 months. We also offer shorter custom-made courses to different categories of end users.

On-Demand Training

  • VNMT offers on-demand, pay-as-u-go NetSuite training services. We commence all types of training ranging including the skills needed for complex customizations. Our NetSuite professionals can come to your location and perform training for on-going projects.

End User Training

  • VNMT believes end user training to be a key aspect of implementation services. Accurate training is mandatory for realizing the entire benefits of any new and integrated solution. If end users are trained well, productivity improves and support costs are reduced.

Our Approach

VNMT conceives that investing in your user’s skills and knowledge is imperative to make NetSuite work for your business.
We customize our training services to your unique needs:

  • We use NetSuite Training material and supplement it with our knowledge of your implementation to create customized training materials for your business.
  • We pick people with technical and industry expertise plus teaching skill to lead our training sessions.
  • We assess functions, roles and processes to identify how NetSuite can improve productivity for each end user.
  • Our training sessions are process-focused and role-based and organized in short targeted segments.
  • We also provide users with quick reference guides that feature step-by-step instructions to complete common tasks and processes for their future reference.
Our Approach

Why Us?

Training aids enterprise users perceive NetSuite processes that are relevant to their business needs. Seeking experts who have the requisite NetSuite, industry and enterprise specific knowledge is crucial. But due to our rich experience in NetSuite implementations we have acknowledged the right kind of talent to develop and implement NetSuite training for enterprises.