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Having played a crucial role in the success stories of too many leading retail brands, VNMT offers NetSuite services for the retail industry to streamline & automate operations ensuring a pleasanter shopping experience for customers.


Transform Your Retail Enterprise With A Cloud-Based Omnichannel Platform


What We Deliver

Procurement, Inventory and Fulfillment Management

Procurement, Inventory and Fulfillment Management

With custom NetSuite Retail solutions, we offer all-important features & capabilities ranging from procurement, inventory control, fulfillment management, demand planning, supply chain management, purchasing, & vendor management.

Automated Order Processing

Automated Order Processing

VNMT helps you to link customer orders from your dedicated call centers, sales desks, and websites with the last-mile delivery process. With our NetSuite retail, you always get order status and visibility of the entire operation in real-time.

Shipping Integration and Logistics automation

Shipping Integration and Logistics

With NetSuite Retail services we ensure a fully integrated shipping and order fulfillment procedure to deal with technical challenges across multiple channels, drop-shipping, and regular shipping requirements, and dynamic order processing.

Integrated Ecommerce

Ecommerce for Retail

VNMT helps you leverage the SuiteCommerce toolset to allow you to offer a robust online shopping experience for a multitude of websites and online stores, all internet-ready devices, and multiple geographic locations.

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NetSuite Retail Features

Leverage Powerful NetSuite Retail Features For Streamlined Business Operation & Sophisticated Shopping Experience

The NetSuite Retail offers a 360-degree view of all the financial activities and robust powerful financial management tools for retailers.
Order Management
NetSuite Retail helps shoppers to purchase anywhere, fulfill orders anywhere and return products anywhere.
Inventory and Supplier Management
Thanks to NetSuite Retail online and offline stores can manage stock and the supplier network effectively to meet the evolving customer's demands.
Business Intelligence
NetSuite Retail comes equipped with a robust business intelligence tool helping smart strategic business decisions across multiple channels.
CRM and Marketing
Thanks to NetSuite Retail businesses get a comprehensive 360-degree view of every customer across multiple storefronts and touchpoints.
With NetSuite Retail solution online stores can offer a highly personalized and thoroughly consistent digital shopping experience to their consumers on all devices.
SuiteApp Directory
The NetSuite Retail platform provides a fully loaded directory of value-added solutions for retail partners as per specific industry niches.

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Andrew Willey

Integration & Data Manager, Endota

“VNMT Solutions always came through no matter what the requirements were.”

Aug 11, 2023


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The Fruit Box Group, Australia


“I was impressed with their quick responses to questions and proactive project management.”

Sept 11, 2023


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Empower Your Retail Business

Leverage the power of NetSuite Retail edition further powered by our customization to provide an engaging and highly customer-centric shopping experience while ensuring total visibility of the business operations and complete control of the key business metrics across all channels.

The custom NetSuite Retail solution created by us helps customers to get a seamless, connected, personalized, and smart shopping experience. With this, customers can get consistent shopping and product browsing experience across multiple channels. NetSuite allows customers to shop anywhere, make payments anywhere, and receive their purchased products anywhere.


Gain Single Powerful View of Business Brand


Most Advanced ERP Solution for Modern Retailers

NetSuite allows retail businesses to utilize the state of the art technology to foster innovation and improve operational efficiency. With the help of versatile, scalable, and powerful NetSuite features now retailers can meet customer expectations better while streamlining the business operation.

NetSuite Retail?

NetSuite Retail offers the most powerful ERP solution equipped with every professional service that modern retailers need.
Translate your retail business investment into a High ROI Software Asset


NetSuite Retail offers a highly flexible ERP solution to allow easier and streamlined business process automation with an optimum scope of customisation and a rich set of features.

Optimum Scalability

By leveraging the power of NetSuite ERP platform businesses can avail optimum scalability through custom business specific integrations and development.

Robust Customization

It's well known that NetSuite is the most customizable ERP platform, enterprises can have the best of NetSuite ERP Software through custom NetSuite tools and custom NetSuite implementation.

Best Value for Money

NetSuite Retail ERP platform comes with the best value for money in terms of development and integration cost also as per the available system features and capabilities.


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NetSuite provides a fully consolidated ERP solution for managing the retail business operations successfully and in an efficient manner. NetSuite ERP can enhance all processes including sales, delivery timing, inventory management, and supply chain management. Such a huge boost in efficiency ultimately results in enhanced customer engagement along with increased sales and an improved shopping experience.

VNMT offers expertise-driven, highly tailored-fit, and scalable NetSuite ERP solutions for the retail industry players. Our NetSuite ERP solutions are customized to meet the evolving business needs of modern retail enterprises having both online stores and offline retail stores. We create custom plans for NetSuite ERP implementation as per the nature of the business, corresponding challenges, and opportunities.

NetSuite comes as an ERP system optimized for inventory management over multiple channels and ensures meeting demands consistently thanks to comprehensive and real-time visibility of the inventory data leaving no room for overstocking or understocking. The unified platform of NetSuite ERP with a customer-facing interface, back-office process, and order-fulfillment tasks easily streamlines the entire retail business process across all channels.

As a cloud-based ERP automation solution, NetSuite perfectly fits the requirements of the small retail businesses with no software to install, no hardware to invest upon and maintain, and no upgrading work to be done. The cost of NetSuite implementation for a small retailer is fairly manageable and highly cost-effective when we consider the long-term cost savings. The actual cost of implementation varies based on chosen NetSuite features, the size and length of NetSuite implementation, and customization needs.

In the context of retail, NetSuite helps satisfy customer expectations just by streamlining the entire business process resulting in faster performance, efficient delivery, and flexible shopping experience converging multiple channels. NetSuite can guarantee to offer unmatched customer experience in terms of scalability and ease of shopping.

A Point of Sales (POS) system capable of tracking payments, orders, invoices, discounts, and different retail transaction-oriented data can help a business process a lot of information relevant for optimizing the business process. But even these POS systems look outdated with the dynamic capabilities of NetSuite ERP and its POS function in streamlining real-time data for different role-based use cases.

While ERP upgrades are crucial to ensure optimum system efficiency and performance, NetSuite handles this concern by ensuring automatic upgrades over the cloud. This robust cloud-based business automation system leverages automatic upgrades without any worries for disruptions in business processes.

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