VNMT NetSuite ‘Administration-as-a-Service’ Offering

Being a global leading provider of cloud-based business management software, NetSuite assists companies to handle their core business process with a sole, thoroughly integrated system comprising ERP / financials, CRM, e-Commerce, inventory and much more. For the sake of enhancing productivity, gaining the flexibility to ratify new business models, enacting real-time visibility, and catering a genuine Omni channel experience to your customers, it is mandatory that you unlock the power of NetSuite.

Multiple organizations find it difficult to recognize value from their NetSuite implementations. NetSuite and VNMT have come together to help you unleash the potentials of NetSuite, so that you can expand your business value, better your competitiveness, efficiently collaborate with your stake-holders, and satisfy your customers .

NetSuite ‘Administration-as-a-Service’ Offering

Do you wish to administer your NetSuite account like a pro? Become more proficient by associating your services with VNMT.

Our Experts focuses on Administrator Fundamentals which examines key administrator tasks and responsibilities to provide the preeminent knowledge needed to tailor, maintain, and optimize NetSuite for your business needs. We outreach NetSuite Administration by delving into best practices and techniques ensuring the ongoing optimal use of your NetSuite system.

NetSuite account

How It Works

Administration-as-a-Service’ is a cardinal offering that aids enterprises to focus on their business while ‘VNMT’ manages the enterprise’s NetSuite systems, thereby re-developing the productivity of resources. The offering weighs a 100 percent shared support services model and replenishes dedicated administration support across all products through a universal pool of skillful and certified NetSuite professionals. The offering equals your enterprises’ business demands by providing a prime option of different service-level models based on the complexity of implementation, user base, time coverage and channel needs to log tickets.

We implement you a spectrum of NetSuite Administration Services, helping you in areas of:

Business Process Optimization

  • Supervening guidance on process execution across all functions and products
  • Addressing business products queries
  • Setting-Up company entities / processes / functionalities
  • Configure / design dashboards, saved searches, key performance indicators (KPIs), reports, centers, etc

Security Management

  • Assigning and configuring roles and as per the required permissions of users
  • Recommend / suggest fine practices to enhance user system and its security

NetSuite Enhancements

  • Generate / maintain custom elements (sub-tabs, lists, fields, forms, records, etc.)
  • Cultivate business workflows
  • Manage existing integrations
  • Maintain Suite-Scripts
  • Create / manage Suite-Bundles


  • Administer data migration via import assistant
  • Ensure data integrity for factors like mass updates, duplicate detection and data merge
  • Manage E-mail alerts / notifications
  • Manage audit trail
  • Facilitate new upgrades and releases