Privacy Policy

Last updated date: 26 August 2022

Welcome to VNMT!

At the domain of VNMT, the privacy policy is taken into consideration and handled with absolute importance. There are many basic features of the privacy policy of this e-commerce company. Here are some of them:

  • The collection of personal information is an essential aspect that is collected from time to time and is provided by you.
  • The use of personal information, as well as the demographics, is done to give you a customized experience.
  • This domain may share your personal information with their corporate and marketing partners as this will help you to have a customized and easy experience on their platform.
  • There are security measures taken for your personal information, and misuse or abuse of your information is prevented.
  • You have the choice to opt-out of the sharing of personal use, and your data will be cleared off by the domain.
  • Your consent is required before the use or sharing of any bit of the personal information hence you will be well informed about the situations and actions.
  • These are the various features of the privacy policy from the platform of VNMT. This helps you as a customer to have the best experience from the platform in regards to customized experience and other factors.

Collecting the Location Information

We may collect and gather some location information that is city and state and/or zip code, which you offer. Some of the devices and also the browsers comprise some of the unique identifiers, which also can be used to classify the geographical location of the device. When you also use such kind of browser or device to access the site easily, your browser or device automatically collects or even transmits your location information. They also might collect GPS data and information from the device it transmits properly.

What kind of information is kept?

If you actually register for our entire free newsletter, the data requested from you such as your email address, your name will be sent to us. Our sites also store the IP address of your computer and the date and time of your registration. During the entire registration process, we will get your consent to receive this newsletter and the type of content this will offer along with reference made to this privacy policy. 

Information that we don’t ask

We do not simply request any kind of sensitive data and information like the social security number, the Personal Identification Number (PIN) from the bank or credit card, or a driver’s license number.


We also might use “cookies” and some of the excellent technologies on the website. It helps our customers to get the proper rules and regulations of our company. The cookies are the small files, which are simply placed on the HDDs for purposes of record-keeping and to increase your experience with the Site. By showing when and how the users utilize the website, cookies simply assist us in delivering the advertisements; classify the total quantity of users who visit us. Cookies also help us with the tracking of current trends.