NetSuite 3PL Integration

With NetSuite and 3pl integration, sports innovation-driven IT solution provider improved company processes and transactions.

Automating the company's order fulfilment and transaction procedure for a seamless and frictionless commercial operation

The 3PL (Third Party Logistics) platform is widely relied upon by many businesses across eCommerce, retail, manufacturing and other niches for smooth and streamlined shipping, warehousing, and distribution processes. On the other hand, NetSuite is the most well-equipped ERP platform managing inventory, order fulfilment, procurement and distribution in a streamlined manner. While separately both of these platforms are highly useful, integrating them for a seamless operation can lead to errors, performance bottlenecks and operational difficulties. 

NetSuite and 3PL integration can provide your business with one consolidated platform to handle the entire workflows and business processes in a highly efficient manner. Many businesses need custom NetSuite 3PL integration to automate the business process while establishing business-specific workflows. 

At VNMT we helped in custom NetSuite 3PL integration for Catapult Sports, a sports tech solution company that helps athletes and sports teams with the latest tech solutions to deliver top-notch performance on fields and tracks. 

Through the 3PL integration project for Catapult Sports, we helped in automating the order fulfilment and transaction process of the company for smooth and frictionless business operation.  



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    Ensure smooth and streamlined business operations and transactions.

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    Streamlining order processing through automated purchase, sales transfer of orders, export and Import.

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    Automating order receipts and order fulfilment back in the NetSuite system.

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    Doing away with human errors in transaction and item data by replacing manual efforts with automated processes.

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    Facilitating real-time data exchange across the system.



The biggest challenge this 3PL NetSuite integration project encountered is making the two different systems work together to facilitate automation in order processing and transactions.

The SOAP API could not communicate with the CSV file based 3PL system. This added to the project risk and the VNMT’s NetSuite integration team had to invest several dozen hours in customising and remote monitoring the integration.


Our Solutions

VNMT for addressing this challenge brought together the entire FTP of the 3PL and the NetSuite system on the same page. This helped to automate the entire process. For this integration task, we have taken up the following steps.

1. We built a custom script for establishing the connection between SFTP and the NetSuite File cabinet.

2. We also created individual scripts that can produce a separate file for every transaction from NetSuite that can be stored in the NetSuite file cabinet.

3. We also helped enterprises to export scripts for accessing the file from the NetSuite file cabinet and helped send the same to FTP.

4. We also created Import scripts for accessing the receipts from the respective Fulfilment file hosted by FTP and bringing those files to the NetSuite file cabinet. We also create separate scripts for easy consumption of these files and generate the transaction records or receipts in NetSuite.



The NetSuite 3PL integration for Catapult Sports became a resounding success. After the integration, all the orders received every day go directly to the warehouse and thereafter the order is fulfilled automatically and without involving any manual labour.

The automation of the entire process not only helped the brand save a huge sum of money spent for manual operations and data management, but it also ensured automation in business processes resulting in easier transactions and satisfactory customer experience.


VNMT as one of the leading NetSuite solution providers for modern enterprises has years of experience in NetSuite 3PL integration for automating warehouse and order fulfilment processes. A company with a robust team of custom NetSuite development, implementation and integration experts can take the challenge of any complex and multifaceted integration tasks.

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