NetSuite & Google Map Integration

How a Leading Wholesale Distributor Speed up Sales Transactions with NetSuite & Google Map API Integration
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Speed Up Business Sales Transactions with NetSuite Online Customer Locator Feature

One of our NetSuite clients contacted us with a requirement to optimize their NetSuite website to speed up their sales transactions. Since they are wholesale distributors of several brands, their all business depends on the success of retailing the products to customers without delay. With so many customers, the sales reps were unable to manage them effectively within the required time and the company developed a strategy to help sales reps to locate their allocated customers within a dashboard. The NetSuite experts from VNMT suggested a solution to develop an Online Customer Locator on NetSuite to locate the particular customers. The client has instantly approved our solution.



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    NetSuite optimization to boost sales transaction process.

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    Feature to get all allocated customer's locations on NetSuite dashboard for individual sales representatives



How to integrate an online customer locator with all the customer details stored was the main issue we faced during the Google map integration process.

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Our Solutions

We understood the client’s requirements thoroughly before implementing the solutions and tailored the solutions to deliver a custom portlet integrated with Google Map API to display in the dashboard. VNMT IT services developed an online customer locator to help the sales reps to locate the customer locations easily without any hassles. The online customer locator allows the sales reps to display customer lists with effective sorting based on certain options like country, zip code, etc.



The Online Customer locator helps to speed up all the sales transactions as it provides a fast and convenient way for sales reps to locate their customers and their details effortlessly. The integration solution lies entirely within NetSuite so there is no need to worry about duplicate entries along with the customer data changes.


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