NetSuite Invoice Generate Process Automation

VNMT developed an invoice automation system that creates custom invoices as soon as orders are marked shipped by the WMS and RM fulfilled by NetSuite.

 VNMT recently had the opportunity to help one of  its ecommerce client transform an integral business process with the help of NetSuite. Until recently, they had been managing their invoice generation processes manually. We helped them automate invoice processing thereby making the process of creating invoices faster and saving their most precious commodity, that is, time.



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    Generating custom invoices automatically

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    Sending auto invoice to respective accounts



For the first few years, it’s possible for a business to generate invoices manually, Our client could do the same too. However, as their business grew, it became cumbersome for them to generate invoices manually, especially when the number crossed thousands in a day,

To manage order fulfillment and inventory levels, they use a sophisticated Warehouse Management System (WMS). The WMS ensures all the orders are picked, packed, and shipped on time.

However, they didn’t have any solution for automating the processes after the orders are shipped. Their teams had to manually generate the invoices. Even if it meant they just had to press a button, it was still a time-consuming task to do that for thousands of orders.

So the challenge here was to develop a solution that would automate this last step in the sales process and NetSuite invoice processing to generate invoices automatically.


Our Solution

Our team developed a seamless invoice automation solution for them that generates custom invoices as soon as the orders are marked shipped by the WMS and RM fulfilled by NetSuite.

Our solution also makes it possible for users to place custom orders and generates invoices as per their selection criteria. This facilitates a smooth sales process without any disputes or ambiguities in the case of custom orders.

Additionally, we also recommended enhancing the process by building a feature that would automatically send out the invoices as emails to the respective account holders. This has made the payment process more convenient for our client’s customers as well.


Project Outcome

In just two months of using our solution, the client has begun to notice a significant increase in the efficiency of their overall sales order management processes. Their workforce is now able to free up their time from doing repetitive tasks to focusing more on core business activities.

But more importantly, our NetSuite invoice automation solution has eliminated any scope for human errors in their order management processes. There is also an improved collaboration regarding the invoices and order fulfillment between all the relevant departments like finance, inventory management, and customer service.

This foolproof solution by VNMT has immensely helped our client respond to their growing business needs quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


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