NetSuite SEA Concur SFTP Integration

Enhanced Ponbike's financial processes by integrating Concur's SFTP with NetSuite, achieving 98.5% accuracy in expense management.
About Client Business

Ponbike is a worldwide company which produces bicycles, having over 20 brands including Cervelo, Cannondale, and Caloi. Ponbike has presence in major marketplaces throughout Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

Their extensive range reflects innovation and sustainability for both recreational cyclists in addition to professional athletes. Concentrating on healthy and clean mobility, Ponbike is still a leading global bicycle brand advancing green transportation solutions.

Ponbike had to import a large number of employee expense reports from Concur’s SFTP server into their NetSuite system, and information matching across accounts, departments and locations in addition to file management to simplify procedures and increase information reliability.


Our Solutions

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    Used "SFTP Connector SuiteApp" to connect securely to Concur SFTP server for file retrieval.

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    Structured folder hierarchy in NetSuite's file Cabinet for organized File management and efficiency.

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    Created map Reduce Script to extract information & Map to relevant NetSuite Expense records.

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    Created customized records which mapped NetSuite locations, accounts and departments to Concur's information.



During the project different challenges arise and each require a different solution. The sheer volume of data required a challenging solution. We needed to make certain that our systems could process massive quantities of information with out compromise performance. This meant optimizing our data processing and implementing robust storage.

Consistent data mapping across systems required attention to detail. We needed to map information from Concur to NetSuite records. This included developing detailed mapping strategies and frequently verifying the data for consistency and accuracy across the systems.

Organizing files properly inside NetSuite's structured folder system for easy processing and access to necessary exact execution. Reliable error detection and notification methods were crucial for operation integrity. We created a system to detect errors earlier and get them to the appropriate teams quickly to solve the issue rapidly with the minimum effect on operations.



We produced Expense Report files from the supplied text files as per our client's expectations. We processed 500 text files that contained different Expense Reports from 1,200 employees in the process.

Our solution proved to be reliable achieving 98.5% accuracy in data extraction and mapping. This particular accomplishment made it simpler for Ponbike to process Expense Reports and therefore streamline their financial processes thereby assisting them in their mission to promote healthy and clean mobility.


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