Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best NetSuite Solution Provider
CREATED ON : 05 Jul 2018

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best NetSuite Solution Provider


Jul,5,2018· read

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Today, the success of a business, irrespective of its size, nature or industry depends on how it handles its day-to-day operations. Be it accounting, finances, inventory management, order processing, or any other services – you need the right ERP tools for the proper and effective management of your business data.

This is where NetSuite comes into the picture. The world’s very first cloud company, NetSuite pioneered the Cloud Computing Revolution way back in 1998. Today, NetSuite is one of the largest cloud-based business solution providers powering more than 40k businesses across the world. NetSuite was acquired by Oracle in 2016 and is now stronger than ever.

Whether you’re looking for the right ERP tool for your business or a cloud-based Omni channel software solution for your business, NetSuite is the way to go.

Now, coming to the big questions – how do you choose the right NetSuite partners for your business? You need the best NetSuite Service provider to handle various aspects of the process like licensing solutions, implementation services, or integration services.

And, that’s what this post is all about.

Factors to Consider while Hiring a NetSuite Development Partner:

First, understand that not all solution providers are the same and some are better suited to address the specific needs of your business, compared to others. Just like you hire an employee, don’t look for someone who simply fills a role. Instead, look for a partner who makes the best use of resources in hand, to provide you with optimal process.

You have to look at both the short-term and long-term strategies while searching for the right NetSuite development partner. If you’re implementing NetSuite ERP for the first time, then the partner you choose must be able to handle the licensing process on your behalf. Additionally, the team must be able to help you choose the right package that meets your specific needs.

Make sure that you interview potential vendors to gauge their experience, capability, customer service levels, goal orientation and capability, before you make the right decision.

5 Tips to help you Evaluate NetSuite Partners based on the Specific Needs of your Business

#1: Look beyond the Qualifications

Sure, having a team with qualified and trained professionals is extremely important. However, this shouldn’t be your only criteria for selection. Look beyond the technical qualifications. Look for other soft factors like initiative, responsibility, zeal and so on.

#2: Look for Cultural Fit

What’s the culture of your business? Does the work culture of your shortlisted NetSuite Solution provider match your business culture? Of course, no two companies can have the same work culture or attitude. However, you need to select a team who will be able to work with your employees in a way that promotes a productive, smooth and complementary working relationship.

#3: Discuss Goals

Before you choose a vendor, you have to discuss your goals and expectations with them. Ensure that both of you are on the same page, when it comes to NetSuite implementation. This helps to avoid unnecessary tangles later on in the project.

#4: Industry Experience is a Bonus

While this isn’t mandatory, if your NetSuite vendor has prior experience implementing an ERP solution for your industry, that’s a huge advantage to work with. This is because the team has prior experience with the nuances and specific requirements of your industry and they can dip into this vast well of experience during your project.

#5: Asking the Right Questions

When you interview NetSuite Development services providers make sure that you ask the right questions to better assess them. Also, pay attention to the questions the vendor is asking about your business and the industry in general. The questions posed at you help you to evaluate the expertise, goal motivation and perspective – all of which serve as good indicators to your upcoming work relationship.

Partner Up with the Best

While choosing a partner, remember that you need someone who’s in it for the long-term. When you choose a partner with plenty of experience in NetSuite implementation and development, like VNMT Solutions, Melbourne, the team takes care of all your present requirements while paving the way for your future growth.