Top 5 Reasons why it’s Worth it to Hire a NetSuite ERP Consultant
CREATED ON : 21 Aug 2018

Top 5 Reasons why it’s Worth it to Hire a NetSuite ERP Consultant

Aug,21,2018· read

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As a small business, you’re always on the lookout to reduce your overhead expenditures. The thought of adding a NetSuite ERP consultant may feel daunting from the budgetary perspective.

What most businesses, fail to do is to evaluate the long-term benefits against the short-term expenditures. A NetSuite ERP consultant offers many benefits which help you reduce the expenses in the long-term.

Our team of NetSuite ERP consultants, here at VNMT Solutions, are highly-skilled and have a thorough understanding of NetSuite and customize it provide you with the best implementation, which ensures your company’s accounting needs run reliably and smoothly.

Still not convinced? Here are the top reasons why your business needs to hire a NetSuite ERP consultant.

Make Sense of the Complex

An ERP system is highly complex and can be a beast to implement. It has several configuration layers, complex interfaces and endless customization options.

Consider the case of the company, Waste Management that filed a case against SAP for $100 million, its ERP provider, due to the critical errors in implementation of the software.

To avoid such complications, you need the help of an expert, who is well-versed with the system. Our NetSuite ERP consultants have worked with businesses across verticals, so they are aware of all the challenges and find the right solution for your unique business requirements, with ease and efficiency.

Avoid Lengthy Deployments

When it comes to ERP implementations, the project is so complicated that it could take up to several months (and even years). This means, your business workflow is interrupted wreaking havoc on your day-to-day operations.

To avoid these nightmarish scenarios, you need consultants who have done it earlier. Our team of NetSuite ERP consultants have years of experience that helps them in accelerating the project implementation time, thereby getting your ERP system running soon, without interrupting your business workflow.

Enjoy Lower Costs

Very often, outside NetSuite ERP consultants help you save money. This is because they can negotiate a lower competitive price for the NetSuite product, which you cannot do, if you try to carry out the implementation on your own.

Provide Training to your In-House Resources

Successful implementation of the NetSuite ERP system is just the first step. The next and crucial step is to get your staff comfortable using the new system. A NetSuite ERP consultant doesn’t stop with implementation. Rather, they provide valuable training to your in-house resources so that your business gets the most out the system.

Finally, you have Expert Help at Hand, at all Times

While NetSuite ERP is one of the most advanced ERP solutions out there, you are bound to face some hiccups during the initial stages of the process. Without a NetSuite ERP consultant, jumping these hurdles can become a massive challenge.

By hiring a third-party consultant team like VNMT solutions, you can breathe easy as you’ve got expert help. Whatever challenges you face, be it minor or major problems, our team of NetSuite ERP consultants will help you smooth it out, so that you enjoy a seamless transition of your massive business data to the new system.

The Bottom Line

Hiring a NetSuite ERP consultant may feel like an expensive decision at the outset, but it’s worth it – as you not only keep down costs in the long run, but also enjoy a seamless, hassle-free migration to the new system.

However, remember that before you hire a NetSuite ERP consultant, you need to find someone who understands your business’ unique needs. Make sure to verify if the consultant team you choose understands your business practices, so that they can provide you with the perfect solution.