How Business Automation Takes Place and How NetSuite Helps?

How Business Automation Takes Place and How NetSuite Helps?


Jan,6,2022· read

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Leading business think-tanks and leaders are aware of the difference between regular work and productive work. While the first generally is regarded to be repetitive time-consuming tasks needing hardly any original thought or talent, the second is responsible to deliver a highly tangible and result-driven business outcome ensuring profitability and growth for the company. 

It is common knowledge why most businesses will do everything to ensure the second instead of the first. This is why business process automation (BPA) is embraced by many companies to deal with repetitive tasks. By transferring the regular repetitive work to machines, businesses thus help staff to make use of their creativity and problem-solving skills. 

31% of businesses have fully automated at least one function. 


NetSuite has now emerged as the most sophisticated and well equipped ERP system to facilitate business process automation in numerous companies. Here we are to explain how NetSuite automation drives substantial business growth. But before that let us spare a few words on how Business Process Automation (BPA) works and the key advantages of BPA. 

Key Advantages of Business Process Automation (BPA)

To be precise, all companies want to achieve more with less inputs. Business Process Automation or BPA allows achieving more with fewer people and less effort. The time freed up thanks to this can be invested in building new products and in delivering innovative services. 

Let’s have a quick look at the key advantages of Business Process Automation for companies. 

Enhanced Productivity

Small businesses and startups, and their employees working in different capacities can actually have focus on responsibilities that they are good at and they can just rely on machines to take care of the rest. This ensures that the work is finished faster and with least errors. 

More Productive Communications

Thanks to BPA, the business communications can be transferred easily to the ideal channels. BPA will also allow a customer service executive to take part in business communication across multiple channels. Most importantly, a support executive can easily streamline supporting data from different applications to ensure optimum productivity of communication.  

Optimum Visibility of Process 

As soon as a business automates a process, the managers and admin have the scope to have a closer look at the workflow and decide the particular steps that are worth continuing and the ways to make the procedure better. This ensures more streamlined processes to optimise the speed of production.

Lesser Costs

Most credible studies have shown that automation is far less costly than paying an employee for the same work. On the other hand, business automation helps to achieve economies of scale easily and creates more opportunities. 

Optimum Efficiency in Operation 

According to most credible studies, business process automation can play a significant role in reducing the operational costs at least by 90%. Quicker delivery and shorter lead times make operational procedure smooth and seamless due to BPA. 

Implementing Business Process Automation (BPA): NetSuite advantages 

We have already seen multiple advantages of automating various business processes in a company. The NetSuite ERP software comes as a robust and rich set of software tools to take care of all your BPA needs. Let’s explain NetSuite’s advantages for Business Process Automation (BPA). 

Automation Tools

NetSuite comes as a handy, useful and highly equipped set of automation tools requiring least coding or configuration skills. It is loaded with every kind of software program that modern businesses require to carry out functions.

AI and Machine Learning

NetSuite with its wide range of software modules actively uses machine learning and AI technologies for automating the business processes. Particularly, in regard to detecting anomalies this AI powered intelligence and ability makes a positive impact. 

60% of retail respondents have implementation AI, up from 35% during the prior year, making it the industry with the sharpest increase. 


Creating Processes by Detecting Repetition

In many businesses, there are too many repetitive processes that can be streamlined to save time, cost and resources. One of the simplest ways small businesses can eliminate repetition and streamline the entire business processes is to use powerful ERP systems with business automation suites. NetSuite perfectly fits in this category. 

Automating Communication and Tasks 

Through the automation of communication and tasks a business can easily reduce duplication of efforts from various production teams operating at different locations. By simply taking care of the repetitive time-consuming tasks NetSuite modules can streamline the entire business process.

Easier Document Sharing 

Syncing business documents across multiple touch points and sharing them with the intended users is always crucial to an efficient and smoothly operating business. Business Process Automation (BPA) facilitated by NetSuite guarantees keeping all data and documents in sync across all user channels and touchpoints. NetSuite allows automatically retrieving full documents, or retrieving data from particular fields across multiple documents, and sharing the same with other members or app programs. 

App and Device Integration 

There are many systems that use application programming interfaces API. These APIs behaving mainly as universal connectors for joining software programs help syncing data across multiple devices to ensure ease of access to information. NetSuite comes well equipped with several configurable API options to help connect legacy software systems with ease. 

Track Correspondence

One of the greatest advantages of implementing business process automation is improved customer relationship management. Thanks to BPA, a company can easily monitor all communications and correspondences including customer queries, emails, invoices and according to priorities can schedule automatic responses. NetSuite offers a powerful CRM module to take this automatic communication tracking and managing to the next level. 

Customise Automation 

Most experts recommend implementing BPA in a planned manner to make sure that wherever there is scope of automation is not overlooked. This is where custom NetSuite implementation can be very helpful. The expert NetSuite implementation partner can help a business choose the right module and make the right configuration needed for desired level of automation.



NetSuite as the leading ERP automation system has already earned its reputation worldwide. If you want to utilise the business process automation for advancing your business outreach and growth, NetSuite comes as the most handy, useful and well-equipped software to help you to do this.