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What is Celigo? A Complete Guide to Evolving IPaaS

Aug,31,2021· read

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Celigo is an excellent application that allows any business to automate its business process. The superb tool at the moment has more than 100 connectors that enable the integration of any application to work as a single platform of service. Beginning its mission in 2010, the road to success in meeting the clients’ requirements so far is incredible. The value offering to its clients is always progressive, making it the most sought-after tool by organizations worldwide. In fact, in 2019, it developed a connector that achieved NetSuite integration with celigo.

At this moment, it has a wide range of connectors that establishes itself to be the robust platform of unification of business processes. The businesses are looking at Celigo as a one-stop solution for automation. This article gives a detailed overview of Celigo and its integration services. Any organization looking to automate its processes and increase its productivity might have to look at this before making a decision.

What Is Celigo?

Celigo is an integration platform (iPaaS) that enables businesses of any type and size to connect all their business processing system into one. The Celigo Integrator is of greater importance to any organization’s success. If you are planning to 

A. Synchronize the Data

B. Automate the Business Processes in the System

C. Streamline the Operations in your Business

It is the right platform. You can connect almost all the business processes into this cloud-based application. 

The offers the two main entities a great platform to easily integrate any cloud-based application. They are the businesses and the individual IT developers. provides these entities with

i. Guided User Interface

ii. Templates that are pre-packaged with appropriate flows of business

Using these, a business or an IT user can configure and customize the tool for their requirement. The prebuilt templates are usually sufficient for a small or medium-sized business to function with utmost automation. The best part is, you can customize and configure the tool without even knowing to code. Additionally, the platform is most sought after by IT developers. With the help of Celigo Login, any complex business flows and custom JavaScript are added with maximum ease. 

The platform also has excellent features to integrate popular apps. It makes Celigo iPaaS the best prebuilt and fully controlled integration platform. You can also integrate and access the following cloud applications too.

i. Salesforce

ii. Shopify

iii. Amazon

iv. Zendesk

v. NetSuite

A Brief History of Celigo

Celigo was started in 2006. With a small team of experts beginning their journey from a garage, Celigo has now reached more than 100 employees. The client base counts more than 800, and Celigo has six offices across the world.

  • San Mateo, California – World HeadQuarters
  • Roseville
  • Indianapolis
  • Amsterdam
  • Hyderabad
  • Manila

The name Celigo was clinically coined using two words; Central and Ligo, which means to bind. Of course, for the title and clarity in mission, it has gained many rewards for Celigo in its journey. The product was launched in 2011, and from there on, there is no stopping for the upgrade. Every business process is automated with innovative techniques. 

The best part of the mission is to offer automation solutions to businesses that do not know IT. That means to say the tool is highly user-friendly for people without coding experience too. The prebuilt packages made were from the beginning, and there is no deviation in the principle of developing the application. It is one of the reasons why companies seek for Celigo Login to integrate their business functionalities. 

What Does Celigo Do?

Celigo Cloud Extend helps companies to meet their automation expectations with maximum ease. The automation objectives of any organization are met with highly customized platform services. The platform is cloud-based, which means that it requires minimal or no hardware requirements. Celigo helps in the following aspects.

Connect The Business Processes Into One Platform:

The technology used in Celigo helps a company function with a unified platform. Any process, for that matter, can be integrated and used by any number of employees in the system. Be it cash flow management or CRM, you will find exceptional application features that allow complete business automation. 

people Connecting The Business Processes Into One Platform:

Reduces Time And Effort:

This is a vital element any business must be looking for. There might be many tasks that need not be productive for an organization. Manual effort on executing those tasks that do not add value but keep the compliance in place is a waste of time. Further, compliance measures are required to keep track of the progress too. One can easily integrate elements to monitor and track the process. It helps in the reduction of manual intervention. Moreover, one must negate the errors due to human fault can be d entirely as well. 

Streamlining Business Process:

This is one of the factors that businesses are likely to overlook. But most of the time, this is what saves the companies too. Automating the processes involved in executing a task can help keep track of many things connected to the organization. One can monitor the sequence with which a process needs to be completed too. Further, one can quickly look at the task completion status with just a single click.

Excellent CRM Tool:

Of course, one cannot deny it. The Celigo Support in making the team member management and customer management is excellent as well. One must monitor the customer experience, and one must take actions on a real-time basis too. The team member performance and productivity tracking mechanism are required to monitor the team’s performance as well. 

Cash Management:

Connecting the finance applications with the ERP tool is of paramount importance. An organization can reduce the overall operating costs, and it must facilitate the manual transfer of data from several applications. You can have real-time visibility of the expense, and that can happen over a click. You can automate the reconciliation process, which is essential to any business of any size and type. Further, you can also automate the process of sending invoices without any manual intervention. The finance and accounting application offers a wide range of payment options to your clients. That means to say you will receive your payments faster than before. It also helps follow up on the pending invoices, which is done automatically when the pay period is over.

How Does Celigo Work?

The platform is Celigo iPaaS, meaning integration platform as a service. It helps in standardizing the integration of various tools required to automate your business process across the organization. You can indeed share data between the applications for seamless automation. By using Celigo, an organization can reduce a lot of manual work. The dependency on spreadsheets and email is no longer available with the advent of innovative techniques involved in the iPaaS. 

The organization can leverage the features to increase

A. Visibility

B. Speed

C. Accuracy

An organization has several departments, and every department would look forward to automating its processes depending on their requirements. Of course, there are numerous SaaS-based tools available to address the pain points of the departments. Most of them are cost-effective as well. However, the synchronization of one department’s input to the other is always missing. 

The tool used by a department might be the best of the breed in the market but does not serve the organization’s purpose if it is not connected to the other linked departments. Further, the technology used by one platform may not be conducive for the other to integrate as well. Celigo Integration login shall be the best choice to unify all the petty applications used by the organization to use it as a single capsule model. 

It helps in increasing the visibility of the processes and the productivity levels of every department. The unified platform also helps in reaching the targets with the sole focus of business improvement. Celigo being an excellent iPaaS serves industries to connect all the available applications to one platform to have seamless connectivity within the organization. The external connectivity with the customers and clients is also enhanced with the help of automation processes.

What Is Celigo Integration?

Celigo Software is a platform that connects various automation tools required for every department to function in synergy. iPaaS helps in standardizing the business processes by integrating the tools needed for the organization. The devices shall start transacting according to the functionality, making it an independent platform for all the necessary tools. 

Celigo as a tool helps in the below-mentioned aspects

1. Secured and Prompt Data Delivery

2. Incredible Error Handling

3. Exclusive Connectors for different applications

4. Data Governance is at its best

5. Entire Lifecycle management is controlled. 

6. One can make Deep Customization of tools according to the requirements.

2016 was the year integrator IO was launched by Celigo. This cloud-based platform enables businesses to connect with various applications that otherwise cannot be integrated at all. The availability of intelligent connectors in the forum helps the applications to function in perfect synchronization. The smart connectors are developed upon the iPaaS.

That means to say, though you start from scratch, it is not so. The applications you are using shall be of best use when connected to required other organizations’ applications. 

Celigo Integration Solutions

Celigo’s idea of a single connector had worked wonders in integrating multiple applications. As such, Celigo offers two types of services.

1. Smart Connector

2. Complete IPaaS platform

Companies’ lookout for smart connectors if they are connecting two SaaS applications. It is where Celigo NetSuite Connector started. The prebuilt solution offered by Celigo combines the applications that automated your organization in a single tool. The best part is, the applications that you are planning to integrate will have minor edits, and the mechanism by itself does it without any hassle. 

Celigo Integrator IO IPaaS

With the launch of Integrator IO, the businesses felt the need to integrate their entire business process into a single platform. IPaaS as such seamlessly connects the tools and helps in delivering the desired results that the organization wants. The advent of Celigo NetSuite Salesforce and other tools make it an irresistible offer for companies. 

Celigo IO Marketplace

It is the best feature of Celigo. The Marketplace allows third-party developers to develop their apps and publish them for people to use. The Celigo Marketplace has several pre-built templates, and one can create intelligent connectors that shall integrate the applications on their own. The templates that are available as such are built to solve common business problems. One can customize the tool and create smart connectors and templates for further use as well. Celigo provides the platform and allows the market to take care of it by itself. 

Celigo NetSuite Connection

Celigo integrates with NetSuite is the first-ever smart connector developed by Celigo. The tool is made to be strong enough to be combined with NetSuite. Still, the niche connection with NetSuite remains while the varied options in diversified focus are on the cards too. 

Celigo Platform for NetSuite Integration

To talk about the NetSuite Integration with Celigo, the company has offered immense focus on this integration. Celigo has 24 smart connectors, 50 templates, and 70 app assistants developed duly for NetSuite integration. This talks about the volume of business NetSuite have in the world. Also, if your option is to integrate NetSuite, then Celigo must be your best choice. 

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Celigo Reviews And Adoption

Celigo is at the peak of its adoption status by most of the organizations in India. Celigo Shopify and other e-commerce platforms opt for the IPaaS for seamless business processes with its versatile features. Moreover, their focus on technological factors involving NetSuite as a prime thought makes them the best. The customers who opt for NetSuite will automatically incline to Celigo. In 2021, the customer base of Celigo is crossing 1000. That means that Celigo is starting to challenge the areas where NetSuite is not focusing. 

Celigo Integrator io NetSuite has a lot of positive reviews from the customers too. The main reason for that is the ease of use of the tool. More importantly, integrating tools shall happen quickly, saving a lot of time and effort using other applications. 
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How Much Does Celigo Cost?

The Celigo pricing aspect is pretty different from other IPaaS. The number of endpoints and data flow will determine the cost of the subscription. 

For example, the ERP tool in the sales front shows the numbers in terms of sale conversion and revenue earned. At the same time, this data is shared among the required tools to arrive at the result. So, the data transfer between the endpoints and the amount of data transferred plays a role in the price of Celigo. 

Celigo pricing

Be it the NetSuite integration services or any other integration, the choice of Celigo has gone high because of its ease of execution. The tool is specialized in SaaS-based applications. It offers intelligent connectors or a complete application for you to use. 

So, choose the one that is suitable for your business. The undivided focus with the NetSuite makes the NetSuite Consultants also recommend Celigo for comprehensive integration of the tools. The freemium model of pricing makes it exciting for the organizations too.