A Quick Guide to NetSuite Search Formulas & Methods

NetSuite Search Formulas & Methods


Sep,6,2021· read

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NetSuite is a comprehensive ERP solution used by organizations worldwide. The extensive support and excellent features available in the Suite's modules support almost all the company's functionalities. Be it operational or desk job maintenance, NetSuite is the one-stop solution. The best part about the cloud-based platform is that it offers to automate the business functionalities. It not only saves a lot of time doing unnecessary things but also gives real-time data as and when you require it.

For you to get the real-time data with just a few clicks, the NetSuite formula functions are the best support to improve NetSuite reporting capabilities. You can search for almost anything in quick time and access the information at your will. This article will give a complete overview of

  1. NetSuite search tips and tricks
  2. Search Methods
  3. Search Formula and its restrictions

Additionally, you will get to know the importance of using the tools quickly to get the information from the software. 

NetSuite Search Results Formula Usage

This article will give you a few NetSuite saved search formula examples to give you a better idea of its usage. There are ideally two types of methods you can utilize the formula to make it more customized to get the desired search results. You can use custom search fields in the search or use the formula directly on to the search criteria. Let's quickly see how both of them work.

1. Custom Fields:

For you to create and use custom fields in the search tab, use the following the steps

  1. Go to Saved Searches Page
  2. Now, Click on the 'Results' subtab

You will find the field column in the subtab

  1. You can choose the intended formula type from the field column

custom fields in netSuite saved search

While you do this, you will get to see the following as a drop-down list.

  1. Currency 
  2. Date
  3. Date/Time
  4. Numeric
  5. Percent and
  6. Text

NetSuite formula (numeric) setup

You can choose the type of formula by choosing the one from the list. You can select them to set the formula for the search options. As such, you can get the desired calculation as you do so. If you plan to set the NetSuite formula (numeric), you can do as instructed above. 

2. The Formula in Search Criteria

This part is quite versatile. You have to select the options, and you can have the formula set as well. The actions that you can do are

  1. Go to the formula field and select the formula 
  2. Click Done.

You can also alternatively Select the 'Set Formula' option. It pops up a space where you can type the formula too. Further, you can select from the drop-down list to incorporate SQL functionalities in the formula too. 

If you plan to incorporate an ID in the formula, select the field name from the drop-down list of fields. Once done, click on 'Submit' and search the results. 

Please note: You have a 1000-character limit to type the formula

The below list gives the variables and Synonyms for the search results.

Different Search Methods in NetSuite

We were able to understand how to create saved searches in NetSuite. This column gives different search methods that you can use to customize and quickly retrieve the data that you are looking for with NetSuite customization services. 

1. Simple Search Method

This search type represents the specified record type, its fields as a list. Also, you will get to see the pop-ups. You can use these pop-ups to customize the records. Also, you can define records that are submitted through search. The steps to execute simple NetSuite saved search formula functions use the following steps.

  1. Click on 'Reports'
  2. Select New Search
  3. Select the Record Type from the list that you would like to locate

You are left with the options mentioned below as you do the following filter set up for your search results.

  1. You can submit and perform the search with the results that are displayed
  2. You can also select the personalize search option. It helps in further personalizing the search results
  3. If you want to delete any of the previously defined filters, you can click on the Reset
  4. You can download the report in PDF, CSV, XLS format and save the same on your local system

save options

  1. You can also click on 'Saved Search' to change the formula or save the formula for defining the search results.

2. Advanced Search Method

As the name implies, this search method gives a subtab called criteria. It helps specify filters and the results so that the display options for the search results can be set. For example, if you want the display options to be text, you can set the formula for NetSuite formula (text) in the criteria tab. You can follow the steps to execute the advanced search.

  1. Click on Reports
  2. Click on New Search (administrator)
  3. Locate the record type and select the same

NetSuite Advanced Search Method

Once you are done, the following options are available for you.

  1. With the list of results, you can submit and execute the search that you prefer
  2. You can also click on 'Saved Search' to change or to set the desired results display

  1. You can select the personalized search; it helps in defining the results
  2. You can also customize the columns as per your need
  3. You can also see additional filter options to personalize the search results
  4. As with a simple search, you can click on Reset to delete already existing formula as well

3. Quick Search Method

As discussed in the NetSuite formula field earlier, this Quick Search Portlet is a convenient method for those who have trouble finding, locating, or typing the formula. All you have to do is, type the keywords, and you will get the search results displayed. The best part is, most of the NetSuite pages have this functionality. You can type in the desired Keyword on the field type and find the results loading instantly. 

If you plan to set the Quick Search Portlet in the NetSuite pages, you can use the following steps.

  1. Select the 'Personalized Page' option on the page that you require to set up Quick Search Portlet
  2. Click-drag and drop the quick search icon 

To start the same, select the option 'Set up' on the portlet; it opens the pop-up where you can type the Keyword.

If you want to set the type of search that tool must perform, use the steps given below

NetSuite quick search

  1. Select the 'Search Type' from the drop-down list

You will find the following as you do so. 

  1. Sales and Purchase Orders
  2. Transactions

The General option will display

  1. Vendors
  2. Records
  3. Campaigns
  4. Customers

You can also set Quick Search Options

  1. Click on Home
  2. Select 'Set Preferences'
  3. Click on the 'Analytics' Tab

How to Find Records with Quick Search?

The best way to know what is saved is to search in NetSuite; the quick search option is the prime example. 

  1. You can enter the Keywords based on what you want to search
  2. You can use the 'Starts with' or 'Contains' option to match with the logic of the Keyword matching aspect
  3. You can select the Match list and get the results displayed

Once you select the search Option, you can do the following with the search results

  1. You can view or edit the record
  2. Save the Search results
  3. You can return to Criteria and utilize the search with another keyword
  4. You can as well print or even save the report on your computer

4. Global Search Method

The options available with the NetSuite formula case when you define the rules. But the Global search option is a comprehensive method to get the search results at the top right corner from any page of the tool. It uses the same Keyword option to get the search results. The keywords may contain

  1. Wildcards
  2. Numbers
  3. Dashes
  4. Underscores

NetSuite Global Search

The recommended options you may get while you type the Keyword are of added advantage too. You can also click on Enter to get the entire list as well. You can type the Keyword from 3 to 32 characters and get the desired search results with maximum ease. 

i. Suggested Match

The ability to view any record by clicking on the record or edit the record by clicking on edit on the right is a versatile move by NetSuite. You can type the Keyword, see the recommended matches in the search list, and click on view or edit as per your requirements.

ii. Keywords – Names/ID Values

You can type the Keyword and type enter. As you do that, the tool matches the Keyword and the record types. Of course, you might have numerous matches based on the Keyword that will appear. You can click on enter to view the same. If you are planning to see a single record, use the following steps

  1. Click on Home
  2. Go to Set Preferences
  3. Click on the subtab – Analytics

single record search netsuite

While you do this, you will find a check box that says 'Show list with only one Result.' Click on the check box to view just one record as you type the Keyword. 

Alternatively, you can also delete the suggested matches from the Global Search option.

One must also understand that the Global Search option will not give all the return matches as it is designed to give the most important result types. 

Be it the NetSuite Formula text or setting any defined criteria, NetSuite has made it easy to search for the right results using Quick find options. You can quickly see the record types as you search for them from any of the NetSuite pages. Click on the magnifying glass next to the page's header to perform a quick find. 

Access the Transactions: The tool offers you to select a specific transaction with just a few clicks. You can select the transaction by choosing the type of transaction and entity name. You can also further customize the option by selecting the date too. If there is just one transaction available, it will open automatically. While there are multiple transactions, you will see a 'Found page' opening with the list of transactions. You can click on the transaction you are looking for to access the information.

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Access the Records: The records can also be tracked and accessed using the Quick find option. As with transactions, if there are multiple records, a found page shall open with the list. You can select the record you are looking for. 

As such, the NetSuite saved search formula functions offer greater flexibility in accessing the data. The different search methods give the user complete control of the search results. It not only saves time but also helps in tracking the data instantly. 

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