Challenges of Retail Business and How NetSuite Cloud ERP Solves Them
CREATED ON : 11 Feb 2021

3 Barriers Of Retail Business & How NetSuite Cloud ERP Overcomes It

Feb,11,2021· read

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The shopper’s needs and expectations change with the change in shopping trends, and it is important to understand them. With this, you have to cater to various requirements of clients. With increased retention of the world and innovation in the retail market, you have to offer extraordinary customer experience to grab the leads’ attention. The customers are ready to provide personal information on the landing pages if only you can offer suitable service, better inventory options, personalized service, and a seamless shopping facility on the website. If it takes a long time to load your website’s web page, you can never expect the customer back on the website. 

As several similar businesses are operating in the retail world, you have to come up with something unique to make a stable position in the online world. In this regard, you can seek innovative software solutions like NetSuite ERP Software for hassle-free management of the tasks online and manage the website with ease. Before knowing how the retail ERP software helps, it is better to shed light on retailers’ challenges online. 

How Can Retail Software Help Meet The Challenges?

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If you wish to use the NetSuite Cloud ERP software to meet the latest retail challenges, some of its features will help.  

    • The software enables easy handling of online orders 
    • It offers enhanced customer experience to the visitors to the website
    • It helps scale your business contributing to its effective growth 
    • With the help of retail software, it helps to run the software on a single platform for ease of work 
    • It provides a 360-degree customer view on the website      

When in search of reliable NetSuite Implementation Services, it is better to look for the above-said options. With this, it would be easy to overcome the challenges and easily deploy the software to handle the retail store works.  

How NetSuite Helps Minimize The Challenges For Retailers?

Enhanced Shopping Experience 

With the increase in the number of online customers and the change in the type of target group, the shopping experience would change. Customers are in search of enhanced shopping options. As there are plenty of retail options available, the customers would opt to offer a better and smooth shopping experience. There are varying stats relating to the evolving nature of retail. 

  • Ease of online shopping for easy shipping 
  • The latest generation prefer shopping from the store with friends 
  • The bulk of the latest generation prefer the store shopping option for ease of return policy and other hassles 
  • Most of the customers use a smartphone for shopping and enjoy doing it irrespective of place and time 
  • Almost 63% of customers use a laptop to shop from  

However, the retailers need to meet the challenges irrespective of the requirement of the shoppers. To cope with the hurdles, it is better to use the right software to keep away from disruptions that will not obstruct the retail business growth. So, you can hire the service of NetSuite Alliance Partner who can assist you with the correct use of the ERP software. Try to seek assistance from partners who have the required expertise in the field with the potency of an in-depth understanding of your business’s solutions.  

Cope With Changing Customer Expectations

Offering improved customer experience at retail stores is an integral part of a business. The customers often face challenges to shopping online with technological change and the way in which retail stores run. Customers prefer brands and websites that prioritise customer choices and facilitate direct interaction and help solve their queries. Also, customers prefer the sites that give customized offers and affordable discount deals. Personal communication with customers makes it easy for them to rely on the brand and take the correct purchase plan.  

For better integration of offers and help customers get the best deals, it is the NetSuite ERP Cloud software to try. It helps decide for personalized offers for customers and retain their attention for the service that your business caters to. Conduct marketing and suitable business activities with the correct use of NetSuite and integrate with it better for suitable service. It reduces the chance of manual intervention and makes the task hassle-free.    

Easy Return Process 

A simplified and updated return process is what the customers look up to when shopping from an online site. No one would love to go through a long and tiring return process that would take months. Eventually, the customer would lose interest in buying the item. This is a reason for aversion to the site, and they will not go to visit the site again. A complex return process will impact negatively brand image and credibility. 

With the assistance of sophisticated software like NetSuite ERP Cloud, it is easy to make the return procedure easy. The return process is handled by ‘case management’ functionality that helps smooth tracking of return and speeding it up. This is where NetSuite eCommerce Integration software is of immense help. It brings in a change in customers’ shopping habits when it is likely for the customers to opt for the online brands and pick the options from homes’ comfort. 

How NetSuite eCommerce Development Services Can Drive You Success?

How NetSuite eCommerce Development Services Can Drive You Success

The main purpose of seeking the help of NetSuite eCommerce Integration services to prioritize customer experience on your retail site. There are other benefits of the NetSuite eCommerce development service that are listed below:

  1. It boosts marketing and helps the brands to market service or products via different social media platforms, boosting the brand value 
  2. The brand can use effective brand promotion and campaign idea to manage and boost company sales 
  3. For easy execution of email, introduce sign-up campaign as pop-ups, cart abandonment helps incorporate an effective form of marketing programs for your business 
  4. Ease of account management where one can add and handle customer address details better with the use of NetSuite eCommerce development platform 
  5. The NetSuite software enables ease of checking order status, history, return and payment method used 
  6. It enables the users to check for transparent payment activity on the site either with login credentials or as guests 

Therefore, to get an in-depth insight into business analytics and get access to retailers’ activities online, the use of such latest software can make it less challenging.  

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Why Pick NetSuite Cloud ERP Software To Deal With Retail Challenges?

Why Pick NetSuite Cloud ERP Software To Deal With Retail Challenges?

With the use of such latest software, it is easy to handle the functionality of online purchases through retailer stores. Use of the software minimizes the chance of challenges in the following way:

  1. The software helps retailers easily manage inventory with returned products and refund of purchase. It helps to quickly spot the issue and get in touch with the customers assuring them quick return and refund for the product. This is sure to add credibility and brand value 
  2. The automated email specialty boosts the customer experience, and you need not send a manual email at the required stages, alerting customers about order confirmation or give delivery alerts
  3. The software helps in easy tracking of returned items and helps in identifying the number of repeats linked to a product 

Wrapping It Up 

Integration is the primary factor to maintain consistent service in offering a uniform customer experience. Thus, it is better to reach out through different marketing channels to reach out to the audience at large. It benefits businesses to offer consistent data, automated email procedures, and timely data delivery. This reduces the time taken to handle the daily mundane task relating to the brand’s delivery of service or product. 

With effective integration, it reduces the manual report problem that may slow down at any time. The NetSuite and eCommerce integration would help centralize information better through different channels and smooth access of the business. By this, you can control the business setting under one roof with the scope to deliver quality service with ease of operations. The customers would get accurate inventory details, quick and transparent order procedure,s and product details with the quick delivery status. However, these are critical when you need to boost customer experience on your site.