How NetSuite can help Businesses run their Operations Remotely and can prepare for Re-opening their Business
By: NO Comment August 4, 2020

Remote working, at least some time ago, was possible only for a few professionals, but with Covid-19, it has become unavoidable and thus a norm. Yet, there are certain businesses such as distribution, manufacturing, and others who would not be able to take their entire processes remote. There are also enormous challenges in managing a remote workforce.

Such businesses need a customised solution to enable them to function during the pandemic crisis. Here is where Netsuite is becoming the best and most apt solution for all types of businesses, from a start-up to a mid-sized or large organisation.

For those who aren’t aware of Netsuite, it is cloud-based business management software which offers a single-web based platform for almost all business processes of a company. It includes ERP or Enterprise Resource Management, accounting software, inventory management, Customer Relationship Management or CRM, supply chain management, Human Resources Management, eCommerce solutions and so on. An all-in-one solution, Netsuite helps run the entire business in such a way that it instantly streamlines and simplifies the everyday operational processes of a business, across departments, areas and locations.

Easy Access

All you need is an internet connection and you will be able to access Netsuite from anywhere. It can be used on almost every device, be it your phone, iPad, tablet or laptop. Your employees working remotely will be able to work seamlessly as they would from the office. Netsuite is also browser-independent and works well on Android and iOS platforms. Thus your team, however, dispersed or distributed they might be, get easy and quick access to the software.

Business as usual

The biggest concern about businesses when they operate remotely is interruptions in work and thus not able to take due action in real-time. Netsuite has a built-in workflow, leverage dashboards and reminders that send notifications to users reminding them to take action which could be checking and approving invoices or bills. Uninterrupted work is what Netsuite offers and hence, is one of the best tools available today for remote working.

The perfect back-office support

Many processes have to go smoothly to ensure your business work, be it remotely or from the office. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) from Netsuite includes an array of applications to make it as feasible as it can be. From order management and inventory management to financial management, the ERP system can come handy to businesses for many functions from boosting employee strengths to brand development. The right ERP system will be able to cover every process in your business, from procurement to sales and invoice, providing real-time visibility.

Integrated platform boosts productivity

Netsuite offers a single, integrated platform for different processes helping in automation across departments. The result is no waiting time or the need for employees to work in different systems as they can view and share precise data in real time. It helps enhance teamwork among various departments ushering in increased productivity.

Netsuite allows easy transfer from online to offline when the economy opens

The best advantage of a cloud-based system as Netsuite is that it does not leave you with roadblocks when you want to make transitions, from online to offline. It helps you with many processes such as analysing your work, data and results to effective communication. With Netsuite, you can easily assess your sales channels and do a financial check. Find what is thriving and what is not. You can also review your cash flow projection and working capital requirements. Successful Netsuite implementation also enables faster and effective communication with your entire organization with just the click of a button. Such prompt interactions are valuable and necessary in today’s times.

Helps maintain customer relations to management remotely

  • The CRM of Netsuite enables businesses to effectively manage customers, current and potential and gets them access to all types of customer interaction. They can obtain valuable insights and use real-time data and knowledge to scale up their processes and profit. Smart customer management tools can help businesses get authentic and reliable information on customer purchase patterns and thus, develop marketing campaigns that have the capacity to deliver results. The information can come handy when organizations shift to their offline bases when economy reopens.

  • With thousands of customers across the world, Netsuite is one of the most popular web-based business software you can avail today. There is little risk, high value, effective but simpler working pattern and of course, fewer expenses. Remote working can be tricky at times but with management software such Netsuite, it is time to overcome challenges and look forward to adapting with times and prepare your enterprise for the opportunities of tomorrow.