Which Level of Support is Right for Your NetSuite Solution

Which Level of Support is Right for Your NetSuite Solution?

Jun,22,2020· read

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NetSuite is a cloud-based, flexible ERP platform that lets you manage the key business process in your company, efficiently and smoothly. It helps in inventory management, finance management, hosting and managing e-commerce stores, handling customer relationship management, retail software solution, etc with equal ease and efficiency.

Apart from the functional benefits, NetSuite offers its support services that address all your business needs throughout to facilitate business growth.

Let’s look at the different levels of support offered by NetSuite and their usefulness:

1. Basic Support

Basic support is provided to all the customers who have a NetSuite Subscription. It comes with the below-mentioned features:

  • Access to NetSuite’s knowledge center and support user groups for getting answers to queries and issues.

  • Access to the customer portal for online submission of requests/queries.

  • Support is available on weekdays (8 AM-6 PM local time) with 2 hrs response time for critical issues. For non-critical issues, no specific response time is available.


Basic support is suitable if you do not have critical requirements or have additional NetSuite resources available such as a NetSuite expert/specialist.

2. Premium Support

Next comes the premium support which is available upon subscription fee and includes additional support other than the basic ones mentioned above.

  • Priority Queuing of the requests with 1 hour response time for critical issues.

  • 24*7 support including weekends, online as well as through call centers.

  • Timely notification of upcoming releases and available updates.


Premium support is worth opting for if you do not have dedicated staff available as a NetSuite resource while you still have average support requirements.

3. Advanced Customer Support(ACS):

An ACS aims to make the business proactive further through risk mitigation and improving ROI, hence allowing the business to grow further. It comes with 5 tiers – Advise, Monitor, Optimize, Architect, and Platform. As we go up in the tier, a higher level of support is provided. Some of the features of ACS are:

  • Hands-on guidance of the product, continuous optimization support, and configuration support.

  • Advise – basic product guidance, troubleshooting, and basic configuration execution through a pool of NetSuite experts.

  • Monitor – A dedicated CSM is assigned to assist and monitor business activities to identify areas of improvement and to ensure milestone achievements.

  • Optimize – Guidance on solution management, business process optimization, performance assessments, and expert advice on the latest upgrades. Apart from CSM responsible for conducting business reviews, a support team is assigned for better and proactive measures.

  • Architect – Along with CSM, a team consisting of technical and functional experts is engaged for deeper support and continuous annual business reviews.

  • Platform – Helps to identify and address performance and scalability issues through technical advisory, when dealing with voluminous and complex business process customizations.


ACS is suitable when you have dynamic business processes and you need proactive and continuous support to handle them effectively. ACS Advice mainly caters to businesses that are new to NetSuite. Other ACS support levels are suitable for established companies looking for enhanced support. ACS architects can address complex configurations in international structures.

A Successful NetSuite Solution:

With a suitable support service, you can implement the NetSuite solution successfully and enhance your business outcomes.