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CREATED ON : 24 May 2024

Why NetSuite Advanced Billing Is The Ultimate Solution For Your Business Needs


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NetSuite Advanced Billing is a solution for businesses seeking to improve this process. The ability to efficiently manage invoicing and revenue recognition is important for maintaining healthy cash flow and customer satisfaction. 

This seamlessly integrated feature offers a powerful and versatile platform to manage any billing scenario, from recurring subscriptions to project-based billing. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how this Advanced Billing module can be a valuable asset for businesses aiming to optimize their billing operations.

66% of businesses say that the processing of invoices takes up more than five days per month.


What is NetSuite’s Advanced Billing Module?

This module organizes and automates the billing process for businesses. This feature enables companies using NetSuite ERP to create customized billing schedules and templates, allowing for the automation of invoice generation based on specific license agreements or service contracts. 

With its features, businesses can bill as work is completed, providing more accurate and timely invoicing. The feature offers greater visibility into cash flow, with powerful reporting capabilities for accurate billing forecasts. It accommodates various sales types, from fixed amounts to percentage-based billing, and integrates seamlessly with sales orders. 

Enhancing Business Efficiency With NetSuite Advanced Billing Feature

NetSuite Advanced Billing module provides a comprehensive solution for creating billing schedules, managing recurring billing, and ensuring accurate invoicing over a range of time or contract terms. Here’s a detailed look at how this feature can benefit businesses:

1. Automated Billing Schedules

The feature enables businesses to create customized billing schedules, which automate the process of invoicing sales over a specific period or contract term. This automation reduces manual effort and ensures timely and accurate billing.

2. Recurring Billing Management

This module simplifies recurring billing management for businesses that offer subscriptions or memberships. Companies can easily set up schedules for regular billing, such as monthly memberships, ensuring consistent and predictable revenue streams.

3. Flexibility In Billing

The feature allows businesses to define various billing parameters, such as the initial billing amount, recurrence frequency, and recurrence count. This flexibility enables businesses to tailor their billing schedules to match their specific needs and contract terms.

4. Accurate Invoicing 

NetSuite adds bills to the billing queue at intervals determined by the billing schedule. Businesses can then create invoices directly from the billing queue, ensuring accuracy and reducing the risk of billing errors.

5. Advance Billing Options

The feature offers the option to invoice customers in advance of fulfillment. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that ship orders in parts or need to secure payment before completing a service.

6. Integration With Sales Orders

The Advanced Billing feature is integrated with the Sales Orders feature, allowing businesses to apply billing schedules directly to sales orders. This integration streamlines the billing process and ensures that invoices are generated based on the terms of the sales order.

7. Manual Billing Flexibility

Businesses have the flexibility to create remaining bills manually before they are automatically generated by the billing schedule. This allows for greater control over the billing process and the ability to respond to unique billing scenarios.

8. Enhanced Visibility

By viewing a sales order, businesses can access the schedule record, providing visibility into the billing schedule and the status of outstanding bills. This transparency helps businesses manage their cash flow and anticipate future revenue.

9. Customization Options

Businesses can set preferences for invoicing before fulfilment, allowing them to customize their billing approach based on their operational needs and customer agreements.

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Which Businesses Can Benefit From NetSuite Advanced Billing?

Any business that requires flexible, accurate, and automated billing solutions can benefit from this module, regardless of industry or size. It’s feature is versatile and can benefit a wide range of businesses, including:

1. Subscription-Based Businesses: Companies offering subscription services, such as software as a service (SaaS), media streaming, or subscription boxes, can utilize the feature to manage recurring billing cycles and automate invoice generation.

2. Professional Services: Consulting firms, legal practices, and marketing agencies that bill clients based on project milestones or retainer agreements can leverage the feature to create customised billing schedules and ensure accurate invoicing.

3. E-commerce and Retail: E-commerce platforms and retail businesses with complex billing requirements, such as advance billing for pre-orders or instalment billing for high-value items, can benefit from the feature’s flexibility.

4. Manufacturing and Distribution: Companies in the manufacturing and distribution sectors that deal with partial shipments or progress billing for large contracts can use the feature to streamline their billing processes.

5. Healthcare Services: Healthcare providers offering membership-based services or wellness programs can use the feature to manage periodic billing and ensure compliance with healthcare billing regulations.

6. Education and Training Providers: Institutions and companies providing courses, training programs, or subscription-based learning resources can utilize this tool to manage student billing and recurring fees.

Why Choose NetSuite Over Other Solutions? 

Businesses should choose NetSuite over other solutions for its smooth and easy integration. As a native component of the NetSuite ecosystem, enabling the Advanced Billing option is straightforward, eliminating the need for complex integrations or data synchronization issues that often arise with third-party solutions. This integration ensures real-time data accuracy and provides a unified view of billing and financial operations. 

NetSuite Billing For Recurring Billing

Get Ahead With Smarter Billing 

The Advanced Billing is an important NetSuite module for businesses looking to align their billing processes, improve accuracy, and enhance financial management. Its integration with NetSuite ERP, flexibility in billing schedules, and automation capabilities make it an ideal solution for companies across various industries. It allows businesses to focus more on growth and customer satisfaction, leaving the complexities of billing to a reliable and efficient system.

This module revolutionizes traditional billing practices, helping businesses improve financial accuracy and operations. This module offers unparalleled flexibility in scheduling and automation of billing processes by integrating seamlessly with NetSuite ERP. 

These smarter billing capabilities not only reduce the potential for errors but also help with timely invoicing and improve cash flow. With NetSuite Advanced Billing, companies can shift their focus towards growth and customer satisfaction, knowing their billing operations are managed efficiently and effectively. This strategic approach to billing ultimately supports better financial decision-making and boosts overall business performance.

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Yes, This module supports multi-currency transactions, allowing businesses to invoice and receive payments in different currencies.

Yes, this feature can be integrated with various third-party payment gateways, enabling seamless payment processing and reconciliation.

Yes, you can configure automatic payment reminders for overdue invoices to ensure timely payments and reduce the risk of bad debt.

Yes, the feature is equipped to handle complex tax calculations, including VAT, GST, and sales tax, for different regions and jurisdictions.

Yes, it allows you to create consolidated invoices for customers with multiple subscriptions or services, providing a streamlined billing experience.

Yes, the module supports prorated billing, allowing you to accurately bill customers for mid-cycle subscription changes or upgrades.

The module provides a proper revenue recognition feature that complies with accounting standards, enabling you to recognize revenue accurately over the subscription period.

Yes, the module allows you to track deferred revenue, providing visibility into future income and helping you manage your financials more effectively.