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CREATED ON : 09 Aug 2021

NetSuite eCommerce Development Platforms – Deliver an Amazing Experience to Your Customers


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22 Plus years of Cloud ERP services to various industries, NetSuite is an excellent option for an eCommerce business. The Cloud ERP acts as a back-end engine while the eCommerce solution is on the front end. With its experience in serving several industries, NetSuite eCommerce Services are the best solution for eCommerce companies. The eCommerce development platform offered by NetSuite integrates with the back office business operations with incredible ease. The technological developments that NetSuite has innovated have made it possible to provide a reliable solution to many eCommerce businesses. 

Of course, the platform called SuiteCommerce is most sought after by many companies. Operating for the past three years, SuiteCommerce is not the only platform as well. This complete guide gives essential information about the eCommerce development platform and eventually helps you make the right decision in choosing the suitable venue for your business requirements. In general, SuiteCommerce is the best eCommerce platform that integrates with the Cloud ERP system, NetSuite. 

SuiteCommerce engages the customers with an incredible brand experience. The best part is, the customers can access the eCommerce website through any device. That means to say, if you, as an organization, opt for SuiteCommerce, then your customer base shall increase drastically. With great technology involvement in driving traffic to your website and converting all the online shop gazers to customers, it is a one-stop solution. The feature-rich platform helps increase revenue in quick time too. 

The Family of SuiteCommerce solutions offered by NetSuite makes it challenging to choose one for your business. However, we have done our research in listing down the different answers with a comparison guide for you to select the right NetSuite eCommerce Solution for your business.

NetSuite eCommerce – What is it?

The integration of ERP and CRM with a comprehensive eCommerce platform is the NetSuite eCommerce development platform. You can maintain an entire business from this omnichannel suite.

There are three different types of NetSuite eCommerce development platforms available:

  1. SiteBuilder
  2. SuiteCommerce
  3. SuiteCommerce Advanced
NetSuite Modules Simplify E-Commerce Management

These, on the whole, help provide seamless services to your customers. 

If you are looking for virtual business success, NetSuite SuiteCommerce is the right solution. With the vast number of partners available for implementation and support, the organizations pick up the rigour in integrating the platform for their eCommerce businesses. The world is heading towards a massive online shopping mode. The conversion from offline to online and business acceleration has just one answer: NetSuite eCommerce development platform. 

The in-store experience for the customers and the retailer experience in managing business makes it a big hit. The cloud-based eCommerce solution makes it an excellent platform for seamless updates too. There are many benefits to integrating the venue for your business. We will discuss the benefits of combining both organization development and customer experience. Eventually, customer satisfaction gives more business to you as well. 

Prime Benefits of NetSuite eCommerce Development Platform

Order and Inventory Management

if you have a website and manage it single-handedly, the NetSuite eCommerce development platform shall be the right option. With its incredible order management facility, the customers can seamlessly order a product directly from your website. At the same time, the stock in the inventory is also automatically updated for further action. The automated service towards inventory control saves a lot of money in the process. 

Netsuite Supply Chain Management Practices With Inventory Management 

Intuitive Online Shopping

This is probably the best aspect of the NetSuite eCommerce development platform. The customers shall trigger the purchase with innovative methods and techniques to accomplish the task, making it highly reliable. The customer base shall increase, and the sales start improving drastically. 

Single Business Application 

The trouble of handling too many tools to manage orders, inventory, marketing, and accounting is solved using the eCommerce development platform. The single business application saves a lot of effort and time that is spent unnecessarily earlier. 

using ecommerce multiple tools for single purpose

Real-Time Activity Viewership

You can see the activities taking place in the web store in real-time. Be it the website activity or the customer activity; you can view the aspects in real-time and take necessary actions if needed. You can also connect the traditional business forms to a single platform with this. 

Website Administration

NetSuite offers to administer the website with effective site hosting. The content management capabilities are worth a mention at this point. 

Business Expansion

If you want to expand your customer base worldwide, you can do that instantly. As we all know, NetSuite’s multi-currency and multi-language capacity helps in this case. You can sell products to your customers to other parts of the globe too. The marketing activities for the same are also done along with the package. 

 Digital Marketing Service

Any marketing programs that your organization runs shall be monitored. Not only that, but you will receive automated responses about the areas of improvement too. The recommendations you receive shall be of great use for your marketing campaigns. 

As such, your eCommerce store shall function 24/7. If there is one concrete platform that you are looking to cater to the customers’ needs, then the NetSuite eCommerce development platform shall offer the support comprehensively.

Prime Benefits of NetSuite eCommerce Development Platform

The User Interface of your website increases the brand image of your company. In turn, it increases the sales ratio too. It shall display the pre-built designs available for you to use on the screen as the customer reaches your website. The highly responsive designs make the website efficient in converting the sale too. This column dives deep into the advantages of using the eCommerce platform offered by NetSuite. We shall get into the details of every aspect that shall give you a clear idea of why the NetSuite eCommerce development platform is the ace. Of course, it is the pioneer in the industry; the rest of the information requires an excellent detailed read. Go on!!!

Marketing Services

The eCommerce platform does not only offer to take care of order and inventory management. Collective efforts are being put in different forms to increase your business too. For instance, if you plan to market your brand through many social media websites, you can very well do this from NetSuite’s platform. You need not opt for any third-party tool for that. Further, you can organize and conduct many marketing campaigns through the platform. You can also monitor the progress through the data offered by the system. 

Customer Account Management

It shall help you fetch a lot of data from the cloud-based system. The eCommerce platform offers a complete address book for the customers. You can look at the order history and also the status with one click. The generation of B2B quotes is quick as well. The temporary order mechanism that shall help the customer to purchase without any hassle is possible here. As the customers pay, they can see the available balance too.

Highly Secured Payment Mechanism

The customers are given various options to make the payment. The transparent and secured payment platform offers the customers to pay through any digital payment method. Further, the usage of gift cards and coupons is also not restricted. Your customers can quickly check out as registered users or even guests. 

Other Required Utilities

The auto-tracking facility is for the customers’ use. Also, the shipping labels are printed with great ease. You can also get to see the business insights through the analytics offered by the application altogether. You can also create and generate reports in a quick time. With an accounting platform made available for the customers, NetSuite becomes the best cloud eCommerce application that you can opt for. 

Boost eCommerce operations with NetSuite Integration

As of now, there are more than 4000 companies that use the eCommerce development platform NetSuite. The fully integrated platform is opted by companies of various niches. The whole world is transforming to digital shopping methods. Customers are looking for seamless shopping and an incredible experience while doing that. NetSuite’s eCommerce development platform shall be of more significant support in this aspect. If you are planning to accelerate your business, then you must opt for a complete solution-based platform. 

NetSuite is an eCommerce development platform that allows you to host the website and supports you in managing the business in and out. With various other integrated modules available with NetSuite, you are on the verge of automating the entire business management under one platform. With the use of NetSuite OneWorld, many large enterprises started operating their subsidiary operations from the base levels. Also, the real-time visibility of data and activity makes the eCommerce platform the most viable one. 

Give your customers a memorable shopping experience. The massive cloud-based platform gives an intuitive shopping benefit to your followers too. You can build brand loyalty and improve the brand image through the digital marketing methods present in the medium. 

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NetSuite SuiteSuccess 

It is a product that is offered by NetSuite that is the approach for NetSuite implementation. SuiteSuccess for eCommerce enterprises provides massive value for the business. At the same time, it excellently meets the expectations of your online customers. The exceptional methodology used is wholly based on current and future industry standards. The predictive analysis of the future trend is vital to eCommerce enterprises. Reduce your business risk by using SuiteSuccess as the platform to build the complete eCommerce website. Increase the ROI in quick time too. 

Though many implementation services offer to set this up in 30 days, NetSuite promises to have a fully functional eCommerce website between 100 to 140 days. It indeed is way too less compared to other frameworks, which ideally takes 270 to 300 days to be fully functional to implement. The role-specific and predefined dashboards available for you to use makes it a highly tailor-made solution. 

Prime Benefits of Using SuiteSuccess

Platform Migration Made Easy: The best part about Suite Commerce is, it helps seamlessly migrate your existing website to this platform. SuiteSuccess helps migrate the catalogue, photos, and product information without any hassle. It helps in maintaining your search rankings online too. 

Fast Implementation: As said earlier, the implementation process is rapid. You can now run your online web store in a quick time compared to any other technology source. The highly intuitive website for meeting customer demands is made in very little time.

Customer Conversion Rate: With the help of SuiteSuccess, you can divert your focus entirely on customer engagement activities. The digital marketing support that NetSuite offers through automation is of significant importance.

NetSuite Suitesuccess Benefits

Incredible Reporting Structure: Now, you can get complete business insights through the analytics report that the tool generates. You can monitor the progress, make changes to the existing campaigns and make informed decisions with the help of the highly informative writings that the tool generates. It indeed assists in business success which none of the platforms is even close to.

Delectable Customer Experience: You are given the luxury to choose from the various responsive themes for the landing page. You can segment the customers based on any criteria and develop your sales strategies too. You can also make

  1. Grid Order Forms
  2. Look Books
  3. Size Charts
  4. Hashtag Galleries
  5. Lead time visible too

Single Platform Support: This is the massive feature of SuiteSuccess for SuiteCommerce. The ERP platform unifies the entire business functions like CRM, Order Management, Inventory. You can also track various information like Inventory, Customer information, and different other critical business information.

SuiteSuccess As a Product

As you get the NetSuite software, you can purchase SuiteSuccess built exclusively for your industrial purposes. It helps in delivering the following

NetSuite SuiteSuccess
  1. The functionalities are prebuilt that is based on the current industry practices
  2. The industry-specific reports are also prebuilt
  3. The intuitive dashboards 
  4. You also find pre built software set up that can be customized for job functions and roles

As you get the software, the best part is it is entirely pre-configured with most of your requirements. The rest you can customize with the prebuilt elements. 

Methodology of SuiteSuccess

With immense experience in business process implementation through technology, NetSuite offers incredible services that help transform your business in a quick time. 

SuiteSuccess Methodology

The methodology used in creating the platform involves

  1. Grasping the knowledge from thousands of implementations for many customers
  2. Creating eCommerce business solutions with top-class technology
  3. Building the platform keeping the future and the current trend in mind

Using SuiteSuccess ensures quick ROI. As with other software where you have to reinvent the whole new tool for your business requirements, SuiteSuccess has it done for you. The effort put by you to learn the way to use it is relatively less as well. 

The implementation is done based on your prime requirements. The discussion that you might have with the NetSuite implementation professionals is vital. You will understand the depth they analyze to get the tool ready to use right from day one. 

Learn More About NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess Module

NetSuite SuiteCommerce

SuiteCommerce was introduced in 2018. The SuiteCommerce offerings consist of

  1. SuiteBuilder
  2. SuiteCommerce Advanced

The best of SuiteBuilder and SuiteCommerce Advanced is blended to offer excellent service in increasing your online sales. 

SuiteCommerce helps you as well as your customers simultaneously in improving your business. You can make an attractive as well as engaging platform for the customers to use. As such, the navigation of your eCommerce website becomes easier with SuiteCommerce. Be it locating the product or checking out procedure; it is customized and made with exceptional ease. You, on the other hand, can be updated with the stock levels of every product too. And this can happen in real-time. The user-friendliness of your website enhances, and one can use it on multiple devices too.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Implementation helps in integrating the complete eCommerce solutions into one platform. Further, the other business requirements are also unified, making it a single platform to run your business. The speed at which the website loads and the fabulous customer experience by navigating the site make it a delectable choice among top eCommerce enterprises. 

NetSuite Suitecommerce dashboard

SuiteCommerce helps in customizing the platform for your business needs. Be it b2B or B2C, the implementation is done so that it quickly converts the online browsers to your customers. 

Key Benefits of Suite Commerce Implementation

  1. Modular Code architecture makes it highly innovative. You can choose your module as per your business requirement. That means you need not unnecessarily keep a few functionalities that are not required at all, just because the software has. What you need is what is Given.
  2. Business Expansion is on the cards. With a great eCommerce website, you can look to expand your horizons of selling your products with SuiteCommerce. NetSuite supports various languages and multiple currencies too. 
  3. One can do the development of your website based on future requirements efficiently too. 
  4. The UI for any device is quite pleasing. The unique themes make it attractive for the customers to stay engaged with your website.
  5. The unbelievable shopping experience for your customers

Further, the SEO and other digital marketing capabilities the platform offers make it a one-stop solution for your eCommerce business. You can introduce Ad campaigns and monitor the progress. Get informative reports and make changes accordingly. The automated responses to enhance your marketing campaign is fantastic as well. 

You can manage your website with minimal effort. With drag and drop options, you can still customize your web page based on your choice in the future. Moreover, the website is scalable, and one can perform without changing anything in the existing system. At the same time, there is no hassle of hardware implementation in the process as well. 

SuiteCommerce Advanced

It is the upgraded version of SuiteCommerce and has extensive features that are limited with SuiteCommerce. The tracking of inventory and order management is done with maximum ease here. One can make the real-time visibility of stock data and customer activity with just a click. It is indeed an omnichannel experience for an organization. With the existing NetSuite package, you can still integrate various other features of SuiteCommerce Advanced in one platform. 

The email campaign can run in-store campaigns seamlessly. You can also make unlimited website customization which is limited with Suite Commerce. As such, SCA comes along with SuiteCommerce these days. 

Key Benefits of SCA

Complete Access to the Codes: Any customization is possible with SCA. The codes used to develop the platform are made transparent, and a developer has access to it. It will help you make any changes in the future if the need arises.

Single Channel: The omnichannel experience makes it a lot easy for any organization to manage a business. You can, as such, focus on core business requirements and develop the same. Be it the account management or customer experience, you will have a single-window view of any required data.

Incredible UI: Fantastic pixel-perfect designs for your landing page attracts customers. You have complete control of the layout options. The best part is, you can drag and drop to make the changes. 

Design Themes: The themes are customized for different devices. The responsive designs allow the customer to navigate more and stay engaged for a long time.

The website is made of single-page architecture. That means to say; a customer can navigate the pages without any delay. It improves conversion and ROI as well. The digital marketing support offered by SCA are

  1. SEO tools
  2. Marketing Optimization Tools
  3. Product Reviews
  4. Social Sharing Capability
  5. Promotional Management Activities
  6. Pop up campaigns

The tool is also integrated with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. 

Learn More About NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced Module

NetSuite Site Builder

It is a legacy eCommerce platform that you must be aware of. Offered by NetSuite for eCommerce industries, the customization options are very minimal in this case. However, if you plan to start an online store business, this is entirely sufficient to run the show with good profit. You have access to SuiteApps and integrate it with other modules if required for your business. The prebuilt website templates, though limited, are available for you to make use of it. You can also create

NetSuite Sitebuilder
  1. Self Service Account Management
  2. Shopping Cart
  3. Incredible Getaway functionality
  4. Shipping Integrations

Prime Benefits of Site Builder

Though Site Builder is considered essential compared to SuiteCommerce applications, it has many benefits for smaller and medium-sized businesses. 

  1. You can create a fully functional ecommerce store with maximum features to attract customers.
  2. It also has a good number of prebuilt templates. Again, drag and drop is the option for you, and that is pretty easy to create a website as well.
  3. Again, it unifies the complete business operation, and you can manage your business with one platform. 
  4. You can build your brand image, thereby increasing brand loyalty.
  5. Customer relationships and conversion rates rapidly increase too.
  6. You can integrate the platform with FedEx, UPS, and other carriers as well.
  7. As with other eCommerce solutions of NetSuite, it supports B2B as well as B2C.
8 features of NetSuite eCommerce website

Implementation Process of NetSuite eCommerce Platforms

As such, the NetSuite eCommerce development platform undergoes a series of phases. It will ensure that your business is on the right track.

1. Establish

It is the first phase where the tool is usable from day 1. It has financial modules as well as CRM available along with inventory management

2. Elevate

It is the phase where you will start adding functionalities to your existing system. It includes

  1. Commerce
  2. Procurement Management
  3. Rebate Management
  4. Warehouse Management
  5. People Management
  6. Payroll Management

You can also add to this list based on your requirement

3. Expand

You will be running your business successfully during this phase. While you do that, you can add further modules to the system that enhances your business. It consists of

  1. Quality Management
  2. Financial Planning
  3. Operational Planning
  4. Supply Chain Execution
  5. Project Management
  6. Asset Management

4. Accelerate

As the business keeps growing steadily, you can accelerate the pace with the following during this phase

  1. Sales Optimization
  2. International Expansion
  3. Revenue Management
  4. Project Profitability

The last phase is called ‘Dominate.’ You can use AI and IoT to increase your business standards and customer experience. 

boost eCommerce website growth with NetSuite

As you implement the platform in this fashion, you will be away from implementation fatigue. You can implement it one by one based on your requirement. The end of the 1st phase ensures you are live with most of the features available for the customers. The other stages add massive value to your brand and the business operations too. The modules mentioned in the steps can be changed based on your requirements, and there is no strict rule. You have an excellent mental bandwidth with a shorter implementation time. It is an added factor to improve your eCommerce services.