Selecting Right NetSuite Ecommerce Platform for your Business

Selecting Right NetSuite Ecommerce Platform for your Business

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Apr,2,2021· read

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There is no denying the shift in the trend towards adding eCommerce solutions to NetSuite. Uniting the list of eCommerce options can be challenging, even inside the platform of NetSuite. You would have access to a plethora of solutions to sort through which usually makes the process tougher. 

In case you don’t know, NetSuite is a powerful tool that can be used to eliminate instances of duplicate work. With NetSuite, you would be able to refresh the outdated business processes and unify the data of your business processes in a single dashboard. While NetSuite can be wonderful for your business, it is imperative to ensure that it goes through proper integration. 

Apart from SuiteCommerce advanced, you would have access to various options which can be a bit difficult for you. But before going through the intricacies of NetSuite eCommerce integration to build online store, let’s take a glance at the real meaning of NetSuite integration.   

An Overview Of The NetSuite Integration Process 

In case you don’t know, NetSuite is a Software as a Service also known as SaaS. What’s more impressive is the fact that it offers you end-to-end integration. The proper integration of NetSuite usually eliminates the requirement to use different CRM, eCommerce, or ERP solutions. 

In short, it can streamline virtually every business process of your organization. In other words, NetSuite is a powerful business application that combines the existing cloud-based solutions and software into a single unit. 

For instance, instead of having one application for internal accounting and another for customer information, NetSuite allows you to integrate all these systems into a single dashboard. But at the same time, NetSuite is not ideal for every organization. 

No doubt, it provides your business with insightful data. However, you have to follow an integration strategy so that NetSuite runs seamlessly with your business.  

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Significance Of NetSuite Ecommerce 

There are various reasons which showcase the popularity of NetSuite SuiteCommerce advanced. In simple words, it is a flagship NetSuite eCommerce solution that has gained immense popularity among NetSuite users. In case you don’t know, it is a fully integrated solution with features enterprise-grade. 

Quite impressively, you can customize these features as per your business needs. Note that SuiteCommerce is available to those organizations which only use NetSuite. In short, it is designed exclusively for NetSuite customers to make the entire process seamless. Here we are going to explain all the NetSuite eCommerce options and their features & benefits one by one. 


Are you looking for an eCommerce platform that can be personalized from top to bottom? How about a platform that can be integrated seamlessly with your back-end? If you are seeking answers to the above questions, then NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce is your best bet. 

In case you don’t know, SuiteCommerce is the natively integrated platform of NetSuite. NetSuite has developed extensive eCommerce solutions when it created the SiteBuilder. One of the primary benefits of SuiteCommerce is that it integrates natively with NetSuite. Note that the integration of eCommerce with an ERP is a must at the enterprise level. 

When you select the natively integrated option, you can save big on customizations and management. Besides native integration, SuiteCommerce is also popular for being one of the most customized platforms available to date. With SuiteCommerce, you would be able to support the requirements of both B2B and B2C eCommerce from a unified platform.  

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The Benefits Of Integrating SuiteCommerce 

Apart from the NetSuite sitebuilder, there are various benefits of integrating NetSuite with SuiteCommerce. Here is the list of benefits you would avail of by integrating it with your business. 

  • There is no requirement of any integration platform to connect NetSuite to Ecommerce 
  • SuiteCommerce acts as a single platform from where you can serve both B2C and B2B customers 
  • You would gain direct access to altering the source code through the SuiteCommerce Advanced 
  • SuiteCommerce is SEO-focused and provides you with customizable H1, meta tags, and titles
  • SuiteCommerce provides dedicated accounts to customers via which they can log in and see their buying history and customized catalogs
  • You would also have the flexibility to track and report online orders when you start earning higher revenue

Comparison of Netsuite Ecommerce Options

SuiteCommerce Advanced 

Well, SuiteCommerce Advanced, also known as SCA, is the enterprise version in the SuiteCommerce offering. To be precise, it is a fully-featured solution that has a great resemblance to Magento. 

In case you don’t know, SCA allows developers to access the core code so that they can enhance the customization to create a unique experience for the shoppers. It is important to note here that SCA is designed to be an omnichannel solution that can integrate seamlessly into your back-end. 

In short, your users would be able to get a full customized experience. It allows you to follow the customer through the entire buying journey.  

Key Benefits of SuiteCommerce Advanced:

  • Natively integrated with NetSuite 
  • Comes with a single-page architecture 
  • You can sell across multiple brands and currencies from a single platform 
  • SEO friendly to a great extent 
  • Supports B2C as well as B2B customers 
  • Access to easily available extensions for easy management and addition of site features

Key Benefits of SuiteCommerce

SuiteSuccess For SuiteCommerce 

There is no denying the fact that the NetSuite eCommerce product list is quite extensive and vast. Let’s cite the example of SuiteSuccess in this regard. With SuiteSuccess, you can deliver rapid business value apart from meeting the expectations of the users. With decades of experience, NetSuite has created a way to develop your website within a month. 

And in case you don’t know, SuiteSuccess for SuiteCommerce provides your business with predefined user dashboards along with role-specific insights. 

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Key Benefits Of SuiteSuccess:

  • Rapid Implementation: There is no denying the fact that NetSuite would help you comprehensively to set up your web store in less than a month. 
  • Seamless Migration: Well, migrating to the NetSuite eCommerce platform becomes a seamless process when you opt for SuiteSuccess. You can easily transfer your online images, catalogs, product information, and more to maintain your existing search engine rankings. 
  • Conversion Of Customers: With the fully-featured online store of NetSuite, businesses are able to concentrate on customer engagement. Moreover, with SuiteSuccess, you would be able to support the unique requirements of B2B and B2C customers.
  • Modernize Your Business Processes: It is always important to consider NetSuite eCommerce cost while integrating it with the existing solutions. But note that the NetSuite platform unifies CRM, order management, inventory, etc. to provide your business with a single view. NetSuite would also allow you to track inventory and provide you with important customer information. 

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NetSuite SiteBuilder 

To be precise, NetSuite SiteBuilder is a legacy eCommerce solution. Note that the SiteBuilder would provide you access to the SSP application platform and free access to various types of SuiteApps. NetSuite provides you with the functionality to operate a web store with the help of pre-built websites. 

You would also have access to self-service portals along with shopping cart management. With the help of the NetSuite site builder, you would be able to create a customizable web store. Moreover, you would be able to streamline operations with a unified cloud-based commerce platform. You would also be able to build brand loyalty along with personalized relationships with customers. With NetSuite SiteBuilder, you would be able to support both B2C and B2B platforms. 


Let’s hope that you are well-aware of the intricacies of selecting the right eCommerce option for your business. But ensure that you opt for a NetSuite eCommerce service provider to make the integration process easier.