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Nothing is more frustrating than being unable to complete your work due to software-related troubles. Because of the need for strong, continuous support and help materials, NetSuite is here to ensure your job, and business, go as smoothly and effectively.

Now, timing is essential in the fast-paced world of today, specifically, when you need a solution. NetSuite makes it simple to find them as it provides its clients with the resources they need to succeed, whether they experience an error, have a how-to inquiry, or are stuck on a problem. There are several ways to get help with NetSuite. However, the most viable one is NetSuite Help Center and SuiteAnswers. 



NetSuite Help Center

NetSuite Help Center

The NetSuite support center is always accessible after logging in. The technical documents and information on how the functions of NetSuite operate are available in the help center. To access the NetSuite help center in a new window, click the “help” symbol in the upper right corner of the page.

The help articles on many NetSuite pages are context-sensitive, meaning they only apply to the page you are now on. You may also use the global search bar to seek particular help documents by typing “help” and the terms you need assistance with (use NetSuite terminology if you know it). Quick links to crucial subjects including user manuals, training, SuiteApps, and new releases are available in the support center.



How Can You Use The Help Button?

The Help button is located in the upper right corner of the page. Wherever you are in NetSuite, the Help button will adjust or move accordingly. You can search for the terms like “adaptive” and “dynamic”: if you are on the journal entry page and are unsure how to produce a journal entry. 

There is a tonne of printed information in the Help Center that you may read and learn from. There are several options under the heading of accounting, including banking, taxation, financial statements, fixed asset management, statistical accounting, multi-book accounting, and general accounting where you will find the solutions to all the related questions. 





A unified repository for all of NetSuite’s most crucial information is offered through NetSuite SuiteAnswers. When you want to learn more, SuiteAnswers is a terrific resource, including best practice guidelines, slideshows, training videos, help manuals, and support articles. By selecting the “Support” menu tab, then the “Go to SuiteAnswers” link, you may access this within NetSuite. Hundreds of actual issues and queries that customers and partners have submitted to the NetSuite support staff are included in this section of the company’s resources.

On the SuiteAnswers homepage, you may find current updates, information about new releases, hot subjects, and topics that have just been introduced. You hunt for a topic by typing it into the search window, just like the help center.

Let us take a deeper dive and understand what SuiteAnswers is all about!

On a website called SuiteAnswers, NetSuite offers its own collection of learning materials. Even while NetSuite has its own support section, SuiteAnswers goes above and beyond by letting you view tutorial videos, read step-by-step articles, send support tickets, and call NetSuite directly. Here are some instructions on how to use SuiteAnswers and some navigational hints.

You may read support materials, video tutorials, assistance topics, and recommended practice guides for NetSuite on SuiteAnswers, which is NetSuite’s self-service support website. You may also contact NetSuite directly with inquiries or support concerns.



How Can You Use SuiteAnswers?

How to access SuiteAnswers?

Due to its existing knowledge, user video tutorials, and help articles, SuiteAnswers differs from the standard NetSuite help file. All you need to do is enter keyword search terms into the main search field to obtain information about a certain subject. In order to get information for this lesson, we’ll search for “adding things to order.” and then click “Enter.” 

By choosing one of the icons on the page’s left side, you can further sort the results based on the content type. The results for support documents, instructional videos, support topics, or SuiteWorld Presentations can also be filtered. You can choose to reframe your search and rerun it if you don’t discover what you’re searching for in the initial round of searching. Consequently, you will be able to discover what we were seeking swiftly and effortlessly! 



What Is The Difference Between Help Center and SuiteAnswers?

NetSuite Help Vs SuiteAnswers

The two key documentation resources that are available by NetSuite are SuiteAnswers and the NetSuite Help Center, and they each have a particular function. But it is frequently observed that people combine these resources. So, what is the difference between the two and how does it matter? 

Well, it is beyond the scope to compare the NetSuite Help Center and SuiteAnswers in detail, but the main distinction may be summed up as follows: 

“The Help Center is a knowledge base, whereas SuiteAnswers is a repository for NetSuite product documentation.”



Help Center: Product Documentation

The Help Center provides organized material about NetSuite features and functions as a source for product documentation. A subset of the Help Center articles that can be accessed without a NetSuite account is also included, and they are beautifully prepared PDF User Guides.

The links to articles in the Help Center are account-specific. The URL for the Help Center’s main page, for instance, is in the following format: 

https://account id> FRONTPAGE

The account id> portion of the URL will differ when visited from Production, Sandbox, or other environments, even though the page’s content is the same across all of those accounts. Sharing information, which is necessary for user empowerment, might be challenging due to this disparity.

In a nutshell, while SuiteAnswers article links are not account-specific, Help Center article links are. Links to Help Center articles are thus less trustworthy than those to SuiteAnswers due to this distinction.



SuiteAnswers: Knowledge Base

SuiteAnswers’ Knowledge Base has more of an emphasis on how-to and troubleshooting articles. Based on your service tier, you may also contact NetSuite Support through SuiteAnswers via phone or by opening a support case. It is significant and also has all of the Help Center themes. As a result, you could be inclined to believe that the Help Center is unnecessary. However, you are mistaken for at least two variables:

  • SuiteAnswers’ search feature is awful! You might not obtain any results if your search query contains even one misspelling. For instance, try looking up “suitscript” in the Help Center and SuiteAnswers. SuiteAnswers, which isn’t “clever” enough to guess that you likely meant “suitescript,” won’t provide any answers. The Help Center, in contrast, will draw this conclusion and provide you with pertinent results as you would anticipate from any respectable search engine. Due to this restriction, I tend to choose the Help Center, particularly when looking for product-related information or am unsure of the precise phrases to search with.
  • The Help Center and the NetSuite application are seamlessly integrated. In NetSuite, the Help Button is contextually aware and located in the top-right of every page. Thus, if you click it, NetSuite will attempt to launch an article from the Help Center that is pertinent to the information on the page. This is quite beneficial. Additionally, you may directly search the Help Center by using the prefix “help:” in the Global Search box.

These are reasons which lead to random usage of Help Center over SuiteAnswers. 



What is Answer ID?

The URLs for SuiteAnswers are not account-specific. They are therefore excellent candidates for sharing. Additionally, each SuiteAnswers article includes an “Answer Id,” including those from the Help Center. This number serves to specifically identify the article. These Ids are very well-liked in the NetSuite Support community. 

You’ll probably get an Answer Id from NetSuite Support Representatives instead of a URL. The fundamental concept is straightforward yet effective: Answer Ids never change, while URLs occasionally do. In order to locate the article using an Answer Id, you may either put it in the SuiteAnswers search field or just change the last component of the URL structure in the following way:<answer_id>



Can NetSuite Help You With Advanced Questions?

SuiteAnswers functions as a collection of various responses to questions. It is located in the top left-hand corner if you need help with more complex problems. This will open in a new window when you click it. 

To work on journal entry workflow, you must follow the following steps:

Step 1: In the search box, type “journal entry workflow”.

Step 2: Select the Search button. 

Step 3: The outcomes of your search will now be displayed. You can see numerous results appearing on the screen, including best practices, training videos, and support articles.

Step 4: Choose the item you believe would be most beneficial for our requirements from these results.

You may find the answers that other people thought were useful at the bottom of the search results. These are questions that have been asked and have similar answers that may help with your own search. This is really beneficial since, occasionally, other people may have discovered the perfect keywords while you may not have the proper ones. You’ll be able to obtain the crucial responses as a result.



How Effective Are The Training Videos Of NetSuite?

You may also access NetSuite training films in the Help Files of SuiteAnswers. Although the majority of the tutorial videos are extremely simple, new users are advised to start with simple ones. As you progress through the training films, everything becomes more comprehensive.

You can navigate from one training video to another by following the given steps:

Step 1: Choose the subject you need assistance with from the left column.

Step 2: The list of content that is accessible for that topic will then appear in the center area.

Step 3: To watch the video, click the link and it will start playing. 



How Can You Convert A Help Center Page To A SuiteAnswer Resource?

Well, it is pretty simple. However, remember to replace the host part of the URL with and press Enter. NetSuite will do the remaining for you!

There are certain things which you need to take care of:

  • Keep the https:// portion of the URL intact. (This is referred to as the scheme part of the URL in URL jargon. In doing so, a “404 – Page Not Found” message can appear.
  • You need to take care of the Case for it turns out that case sensitivity is relevant with NetSuite. Using the Help Center link that ends in “_n2824008.html” in the example below causes a 500 error, but using the uppercase equivalent that ends in “_N2824008.html” works just fine.
  • You can also see the article’s creation and latest modification dates while reading Help Center articles in SuiteAnswers. There isn’t a lot of this potentially helpful material in the Help Center.
  • In addition, you can use in place of if you insist on sharing the Help Center URL. The requester will be immediately sent by NetSuite to the appropriate account-specific URL. Let me reiterate that NetSuite has been aggressively directing us off from data center-based URLs in favour of account-specific ones since the 2016.2 release in order to “make full use of NetSuite’s cloud architecture.” Therefore, this detour could be discontinued soon.



How Can VNMT Help You With NetSuite Questions?

NetSuite Support Services

We are aware that happy customers translate into prosperous businesses. VNMT is here to answer your queries and successfully handle your problems as a result. Our NetSuite experts may be reached directly through VNMT, eliminating the need for call centres or chat lines. It’s an entirely on-demand service, so you can get in touch with an expert whenever you need one or a NetSuite team to assist you in completing the go-live process without any problems.

We can assist you with starting, maintaining, and supporting your NetSuite project right away. Our service includes:

  • Direct access to professionals
  • On-demand assistance
  • Pay-as-you-go invoicing
  • No minimums or up-front expenses

Our distinguished NetSuite experts can help your team put NetSuite’s solutions into use by configuring, customizing, and providing services to fit your particular business operations. To guarantee that businesses get a return on their investment, we offer assistance, administration, and process improvement.

Our NetSuite professionals are here to help your business succeed, whether you’re searching for a one-stop-shop for all things NetSuite or just want answers to your inquiries. 

NetSuite Support Help


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology on the cloud, ranked no. 1, is NetSuite, a company management tool owned by Oracle. It features several modules that combine to provide a collection of goods that includes e-commerce and backend enterprise solutions.

Nope, our services are really quite adaptable. Anything relating to NetSuite, including the SuiteCommerce website, Admin support, SuiteScripting, integrator management, and more are all offered by NetSuite. 

First, go to SuiteAnswers after hovering over the support tab in the main navigation bar. Next, select Help from the main navigation bar on the menu in the top left. Then, you can also access SuiteAnswers.