NetSuite Licensing: An Efficient Business License Choosing Guide

NetSuite Licensing: Guide to Choosing an Efficient License for your Business

Sep,29,2022· read

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Businesses are moving towards smart ways to manage different industrial operations. Also, the involvement of software that can help optimize other processes has been gaining much popularity. NetSuite is a popular application that provides businesses with different analytical tools to monitor various operations in real-time. One of the critical factors that make NetSuite unique is that the organizations can choose the editions of the software according to the size of the company. An efficient NetSuite Licensing can give your company the best investment return.

Also, the number of persons who need to use NetSuite in the business management team defines the NetSuite edition. This is what defines a NetSuite license. As your company grows, you need more licenses in the NetSuite edition, which naturally triggers the NetSuite pricing.

Types of licenses and suites provided by NetSuite

Types of licenses and suites provided by NetSuite

NetSuite provides a variety of licenses as well as suites that can satisfy the needs of different businesses. There are suites and licenses available based on size and type of industry, number of consumers, and the financial requirements of the business. Thus, irrespective of the business type, the management teams will have the exact tailored ERP system based on the company size and budget.

However, the Oracle NetSuite cost is another factor a business must keep in mind. Also, depending on the editions of NetSuite, some features can be selected on the go. Some of such function-centric editions in the standard and premium levels are:

●   Retail management

●   Wholesale management

●   Software services

●   Food and beverages

●   Hospitality

●   Financial editions

●   Advertising and publishing

●   Manufacturing management

●   Fashion and accessories

●   Social Impact

Editions of NetSuite licenses

Editions of NetSuite licenses

Based on different sizes and requirements from businesses, NetSuite generally provides three types of license editions. These have other modules and features that can be customized per the client’s needs. These NetSuite license editions are:

●   Starter Edition

This edition from NetSuite is generally called SuiteSuccess Starter Edition. This license edition is available for business size, and the number of users in the management team is less than 10. Since this is a starter edition from NetSuite, it also costs less than the others. Thus, small companies can easily acquire it to manage their resources effectively.

●   Standard Edition

Similar to the starter edition, this SuiteSuccess standard edition from NetSuite provides ERP solutions to companies with several users lower than 30. Thus, it is also an economical option for quite established businesses and new to ERP systems.

●   Premium Edition

NetSuite has the highest level of features in the SuiteSuccess Premium Edition. This allows a business with more than 30 users to optimize its business processes. Also, since it has a user limit of 1000 people, any midsized business to large business can opt for this edition on the go.

Furthermore, to know how much NetSuite Licensing costs, you can visit their official website and look for the NetSuite pricing guide. Here, you can contact their team by filling up a form.

NetSuite license based on number of users

Apart from the type and size of the business, NetSuite has a user-centric license. These licenses from NetSuite come with access to different numbers of users. Two of the leading such licenses are:

●   Limited-User License

The business can opt for this limited user license, in which the users will have access to a limited number of applications from NetSuite. This is perfect for teams with workers with minor business operations tasks. These tasks include documentation, expense reporting, bill approvals, and many more.

●   Full-User License

The business has access to all of the NetSuite applications and their features in this license type. Thus, it is a perfect choice for management teams with chief financial officers, managers, or high officials who need access without restrictions.

Choosing the proper NetSuite License

Licenses from NetSuite are available in several types. But you are choosing one perfect license for your business since it is crucial in future operations. In the analysis stage, you need to assess the requirements of your business and decide how many users will be there in the management team. This will help you to generalize the size of your business.

A NetSuite pricing calculator will also help you understand the financial needs related to the licenses. Since financial operations will be monitored with NetSuite, you should consider an expansion in the future. You will need to choose a license that can grow along with your business. This way, you won’t have to opt for another license at every stage of your growth in the industry.


Since Oracle NetSuite targets many different sizes of companies as clients, it has numerous software editions available. Choosing a perfect NetSuite license for your business is often overwhelming when deciding on software purchases. You should first prioritize your ERP needs and then decide on which license will be able to manage all your financial operations.

The other essential characteristics you need to consider are already discussed in this article. We hope that by keeping these points in mind, you can choose the best NetSuite license for your business.


NetSuite is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that aims at optimizing different business operations on the go. It provides a single dashboard for the business management teams and integrates other processes into cloud-based solutions. 

NetSuite has developed different editions of NetSuite to ensure every business, no matter big or small, gets the ERP on the go. This means that you will need to choose the NetSuite edition and NetSuite user licenses based on the number of users in your management team. 

There are three types of NetSuite editions available by Oracle. CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Standard edition, and One World Edition offer different advantages. 

Yes, you can switch to other editions of NetSuite with a growth in your needs. But since NetSuite is a subscription-based service, you will have to opt for a new license discarding the old ones you already have. 

On average, NetSuite typically needs less than three months to implement and integrate the ERP system with any business. But this may take more than three months, depending on the size of your business.