NetSuite SuiteSuccess Update: 8 Industry-Specific Updates And Their Benefits


Feb,24,2021· read

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We have just got over the pandemic and walked past the first year of 2021 and any business after leaving the worst behind is all energetic to find its footing in the competitive landscape. Well, as we all know streamlining business operations with digital solutions has already become the biggest growth impetus for many companies across the niches and here cloud-based business management suites are playing an important role. 

That’s exactly where NetSuite SuiteSuccess comes in. As the cloud customisable-based software toolset, NetSuite SuiteSuccess literally fits into any business niche with its robust tools and awesome features created to reduce operational hazards, worries, manual labour, and cost. 

As a business, if you are looking to increase the subscriber list or streamline the operations or just boost the workflow as well as inventory management, you can’t help but embrace SuiteSuccess, regardless of the industry. Fortunately, you can choose from so many powerful and expertise-driven NetSuite integration services to avail the benefits of the platform without going knee-deep into technicalities. 

The best thing about the NetSuite platform is the frequency of updates that the platform ensures. Yes, irrespective of your industry and the specific suite of tools you use, you get time to time and each update comes with several key-value additions and enhancements. A NetSuite alliance partner can guide any industry player about taking advantage of this to stay completely free from management and operational difficulties while ensuring a better and satisfactory customer experience. 

Let’s discuss here the offerings of NetSuite SuiteSuccess for different industries, their respective benefits, and value offerings.

NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Apparel Industry 

NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Apparel Industry

Having been already implemented thousands of times across different apparel, footwear, and accessory companies around the globe, NetSuite boasts of a great understanding of the industry. NetSuite SuiteSuccess has already been a key growth pushing tool for the entire fashion and apparel industry where a swift operation is of paramount importance for superior product quality, great distribution, and fast-paced delivery.  

Over the years, the expertise and knowledge about the apparel industry have been put together by NetSuite through an AFA solution making it easier to solve numerous industry-specific challenges ranging from manufacturing to wholesale to the retail apparel sector. By bringing together the relevant industry expertise along with the best industry practices shown by the service professionals team, NetSuite SuiteSuccess has brought several key approaches to beat the competition. 

In the latest SuiteSuccess update, the key-value additions that came for the apparel industry include Item 360 Tabs, Auto-Create Account Transactions from Bank Import, New Customer, and a few others. These new enhancements and value additions will further equip apparel industry players to take advantage of automation and streamlined development. 

NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Retail Industry

NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Retail Industry

NetSuite SuiteSuccess has already been implemented emphatically across the retail industry and there have already been thousands of successful retail implementations across all sizes and categories of retail stores. 

The biggest advantage of NetSuite SuiteSuccess for the retail industry is the single and consolidated view of customers, all orders and items as well as inventory. The single streamlined view covering all key components makes the sales process exceptionally easier. 

Moreover, SuiteSuccess brings to the retailers a smooth omnichannel retail experience with all channels along with their inventory pipeline and product movement consolidated within a single view. No wonder, thanks to SuiteSuccess retailers could improve their gross margins besides delivering a better shopping experience to the customers. 

With the latest SuiteSuccess update retailers will be benefited from the new feature such as Auto-Create Account Transactions from Bank Import. This will further help to ease the transaction process for retail stores.  

NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Health & Beauty Industry 

NetSuite SuiteSuccess has already been a key solution helping the growth and prosperity of the entire health and beauty industry. Efficient management, smooth operation, and streamlined business process define the hallmarks of NetSuite SuiteSuccess for the health and beauty industry.  

Some of the key advantages of NetSuite SuiteSuccess for the health and beauty industry include the visibility of inventory across multiple channels in real-time. The visibility covers the entire journey of products from raw ingredients and components to the finished products.

Easier management of orders across multiple channels including web, in-store, call center, mobile, and kiosk just at one single place. A unified customer experience with attributes of both online and in-store attributes. The ultimate advantage of NetSuite SuiteSuccess for this industry is a “buy, fulfill and return anywhere anytime” experience. The 360-degree real-time view of the customers offered by SuiteSuccess will give more firepower to boost sales and business conversion. 

All new SuiteSuccess updates from NetSuite will benefit this industry with value additions such as Auto-Create Account Transactions from Bank Import, New Segmentation Leading Practices, etc. 

SuiteSuccess for Food and Beverage Companies

SuiteSuccess for Food and Beverage Companies

NetSuite SuiteSuccess has already been implemented across a multitude of companies in the food and beverage industry and helped businesses deal with several key challenges. The biggest advantage of NetSuite SuiteSuccess for this industry is the unified management segregated into different development phases to follow the growth path of the company. 

Thanks to NetSuite SuiteSuccess food and beverage companies now can get a single unified view of their customers, products, items, and inventory. It offers a real-time platform unifying multiple channels that work from a consolidated foundation. After this foundation is established, food and beverage companies can extend their presence across eCommerce and several other omnichannel capabilities. 

Unlike the legacy software tools and management systems, this offers them a unified view of the entire business process across all channels of presence while allowing businesses to monitor and boost efficiency based on data-driven insights. 

The latest SuiteSuccess update for the food & Beverage industry offered new features such as Supply Planning & an Advanced Bill of Materials.   

NetSuite SuiteSuccess For Restaurant And Hospitality Industry 

At a time when in the hospitality sector customer preference and a personalized experience are driving sales and business conversion, NetSuite SuiteSuccess can help the leading restaurant chains and hospitality businesses to differentiate their brands from others only to stay ahead of the competition. NetSuite SuiteSuccess offers advanced features, robust scalability, and ultimate flexibility to help innovating services in the industry. 

Thanks to SuiteSuccess it has become extremely easier for hoteliers and restaurants to stay up to the latest trends in respect of scheduling, digital payment, app-based booking, and order, and geolocation-based customer orders. Since digital delivery sales are continually on the rise, the unified sales, operation, and inventory management of SuiteSuccess are facilitating great ease to the industry. 

The latest NetSuite SuiteSuccess update comes with some crucial feature updates for the Restaurants & Hospitality industry and these new updates include Invoice Grouping for Franchisors, Auto-Create Account Transactions from Bank Import, etc. 

SuiteSuccess For The Manufacturing And Distribution Industry 

SuiteSuccess For The Manufacturing And Distribution Industry

SuiteSuccess particularly benefited the manufacturing and distribution sector tremendously. It has literally brought automation to many manufacturing business management processes and operations with the unified view of all components in real-time. No wonder, SuiteSuccess has already been successfully implemented across tens of thousands of manufacturing companies all over the globe. 

The latest SuiteSuccess update offered several key-value additions for the Manufacturing and Distribution businesses including Updated Forms, Supply Planning, and Advanced Bill of Materials.   


From all the latest updated features for every industry, it is quite easy to understand how SuiteSuccess continues to evolve and get better to address new areas and new business requirements every day. The best thing is that all these updates come without affecting the price of the software product.