Revamp Your Store Operations With NetSuite WMS Solutions

Revamp Your Store Operations With NetSuite WMS Solutions


Sep,27,2021· read

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Warehouses are the most overlooked components of any supply chain. When a company introduces the most innovative experience for the customers instantly, that cannot deliver the product to the customer quickly and accurately. Warehouse plays the most vital role in delivering customer satisfaction with flawlessly running in every critical situation. However, being a runner of warehouse former, you must be using spreadsheets or pen and paper to keep a record for a quick manual, chaotic and flawless process. Spreadsheets or pen and paper are specially used for a business that does hundreds or even thousands of delivering products across multiple locations.

Therefore, you need to know about the warehouse management system whether WMS is a correct option for business or not. This article has concluded the five fundamentals that will challenge the manual procedure of paper-based warehouse practices with digital practices. 

What Is NetSuite?

NetSuite is a company that mainly deals in software for developing a cloud-based business management platform. This software is used by more than 26 thousand fast-growing organizations across the globe. This platform also provides an application that helps the company run their businesses and understand the performance and ride the major grains in the business, which are cost-saving efficiency.

Core Features of NetSuite.

NetSuite is one of the oldest providers of cloud ERP software, and therefore it also provides some of the best core features listed below-

  • Unified view of business
  • Native integrations
  • True cloud
  • Deep reporting capabilities
  • Built-in flexibility

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Advantages Of NetSuite.

NetSuite is one of the simplest, integrated, and most intelligent ERPs used to implement faster and less expensive business applications. It also helps in modularity which helps in implementing the needs according to the company. Although it provides, some of the major advantages are as follows-

  • Efficiency in process across the organization. 
  • Improves visibility.
  • Accelerate the growth of a business.
  • User-driven innovation.
  • Customization for extended NetSuite with Suite Flex

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How Does NetSuite WMS Work?

The practices could include an intelligent pick and pack process. The delivery process includes:

  • A pick and pack process.
  • Handheld and barcode scanning.
  • Integration with the shipping system to multiple locations.

Key Benefits of NetSuite WMS

  • It increases the productivity of labor.
  • Improve the order rate and fulfillment of accuracy.
  • Help in reducing the handling time. It also reduces the NetSuite WMS cost. 
  • It easily optimizes the space utilization in the warehouse.
  • Also, improve operational efficiency and can be managed through mobile apps.
  • Provide real-time traceability of shipping products and other transactions.

However, the warehouse is one of the most important components of the supply chain. The warehouse can be a storage house facility and inventory that distributes the data to merge with the respective line. Warehouse management needs to be kept up all the time as if warehouse operation goes down; then it may lead to a Cripple for a company and result in the inability to deliver the products or fulfill the customers’ needs.

What type of business is NetSuite suitable for?

NetSuite has become one of the major leaders in cloud ERP because it provides every need to every business, introspective of shape and size. You can go with NetSuite as it helps in growing and includes early-stage startups.

It is suitable for industries such as

  • Advertising and digital marketing.
  • Camper storage.
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Financial service
  • Food and beverages
  • Health and beauty
  • IT services
  • Manufacturing
  • Media and publishing
  • Professional services
  • Retail and wholesale
  • Software and technology
  • Restaurants and hospitality
  • Transportation and logistics
  • footwear and accessories
  • Consulting

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NetSuite WMS Solves The Challenge

  • Due to the lack of item visibility Off products at NetSuite WMS integration
  • Data input error in receiving the orders by using mobile devices and inputting the item orders Characteristics at the time of Receipting.
  • Inefficient use of NetSuite WMS Mobile app.
  •  Delay in picking the round ordered. Due to the multiple pickup order items, a single pass cannot proceed from a warehouse, which might delay the order.
  • Inaccurate order picking.

What Is WMS?

WMS, that is, warehouse management is a software solution that offers wide visibility to look into the business inventory and manages a supply, two fulfil the operations distributed from the centre to the store shelf. WMS is a solution that also enables the company to minimize or maximize the labour and utilize the space requirement and other equipment for the investment in coordinating and optimizing their resources usage and other much easier floors. It is specially designed to support the needs of the entire global supply chain, which further includes distribution, manufacturing, and services provided by the businesses.

However, it provides an ample number of benefits to modern society and cloud-based WMS. Benefits such as –

  • Fulfillment of processes for the rapid implementation.
  • No up-gradation required in cloud-based WMS
  • It easily connects with logistics, especially with a lower upfront cost. 
  •  Provide flexibility and scalability to the supply chain operations.

Oracle NetSuite Warehouse Management System

Oracle NetSuite WMS is cloud-based leading warehouse management in industries. It is creative and one of the innovative features to deliver the product by using the mobile solution, and it is easy to use as interference with customers. Oracle NetSuite WMS helps provide the combined speed and saving of time with cloud; it also produces the best of breed WMS and other capabilities to fulfill the customer’s requirements. However, it has a great feature in the warehouse management system. Oracle NetSuite warehouse management system provides a paradigm in software to reboot the next generation warehouse solution available at an understanding value. It will also help in managing the new supply chain and functionally delivering the product.

Nowadays, companies are also investing in the WMS software to streamline and automate the inventory fulfillment processes. And, this will also help the company to control their cost investment and is easily configurable. It also prevents dynamic cost investment and is the cost-efficient implementation for the betterment of companies.

Why NetSuite Is Best for Business Management

Oracle NetSuite mainly consists of four primary agendas to make it more efficient: financial operation or control over the inventory management system. It also helped in replacing all the traditional accounting software and understanding what customer is in need. However large size businesses may consider Oracle NetSuite WMS as it provides a wide range of specific solutions for industries. This solution also helps those industries to provide many types of predefined and various types of customized applications for the issued address of a business operation.

Moreover, it is most important; Oracle NetSuite features scalability, making it more suitable for all businesses. Therefore, many clients can recommend this software for the frequent growth of their business. Keeping up the best software for your company is one of the essential decisions that an individual could make.

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Five Ways NetSuite The WMS Can Transform Warehouse Operations

Here are some of the best fundamental challenges which help the NetSuite WMS can transform warehouse operations-

  • Inaccurate data capture. 
  • Lack of real-time data visibility. 
  •  In the use of space and improper storage.
  • Inefficient order release.
  • Inefficient pickup pathway.

Inaccurate Data Capture

Inaccurate data deals with the data that is only going out accurately; it means that the record kept in the warehouse can only be accurate with the information that has been captured. Information about the items and products which are captured in the warehouse. However, capturing accurate data about an item or product and lots of serial details of goods ensures the data is accurate for subsequent processes. It will lead to a good point by ensuring the accuracy and details about a particular product. Therefore, if you rely on pen and paper format, this could result in more prone to warehouse records as human error and maybe delete to deliver the information. It may impact both the customer’s experience and the bottom line.

Lack Of Real-time Data Visibility

As per some estimates provided by the half of small and mid-businesses format, this is all in no inventory tracking. Most of these cases are related to manual methods and have proven to lack real-time visibility for inventory. Lack of real-time data visibility results in problem-causing thoughts for the organization and may leave a susceptible to this, especially with regards to levels of inventory. Even without real-time visibility, the stock level may run with the real risk of committing multiple order inventory simultaneously. It can combine with the risk of not having enough orders to fulfill the upcoming orders from the customers. However, on the other hand, if one could go without real-time visibility, yeah, you can easily duplicate with orders and may end up with excess inventory. This may take a lot of space at your warehouse and add the additional cash cost to your hands.

Inefficient Use Of Space And Improper Storage At Warehouse

An individual needs to keep extra space and manage the proper storage space to keep the product at the warehouse. The warehouse provides a premium and maximum storage space, which is efficiently used to keep all the essential means if profitability arrives. Therefore, this has become the most important for a business to add products to their portfolio to give a seasonal peak fire business sales time. However, the peak may arrive at the time of holidays or any occasional way. However, the manual mapping process may make it harder and difficult to keep the track updated. The warehouse should provide more space for utilization and storage of products as this may protect you from the risk of running space.

Inefficient Order Release

Due to the over-order manual process, it is more frequent and increases the cost of misspeaks. If caught, they would have to leave the warehouse, and demand with the misspeak can happen. However, this may increase the pickup cost and correct the order and increase the labor cost to put back the incorrect item and pick up the correct item for the next delivery. Using NetSuite WMS can help you keep a record of correct items that are yet to be delivered and around to leave the warehouse. Delivering the incorrect order creates a whole new big issue and problem for both customers, warehouse owners, and companies. The big and main issue is why the order is likely to be returned when the need is not correctly fulfilled. However, the customer may need to pay additional shipping costs to return the order in a quickie add-up.

Insufficient Picking Pathway

If you still practice and rely on paper-based manual practices, then it may be tough to fulfill all the order fulfillment and requirements. It will also lead to the additional labor cost combined with the picking and packing of orders. If paper-based manual setting operators take time to pack and pick the orders, it is likely to transfer to the warehouse multiple times. It may also result in delaying delivering the orders and not filling the satisfaction needs of our customers. However, without a system, it does not look up good visibility about the orders to be open and therefore looks through the leads with the additional time and labor additional cost.

Facts About NetSuite WMS

Help In Easy Wave Release

NetSuite WMS helps release the easy wave and templates that allow the warehouse to manage and identify the proper use of orders. The proper ordering process will be realized to the warehouse in picking based upon the criteria as the customer may expect the ship date as a deadline to be delivering the product. These pickup strategies enable the system to identify all the recommendations properly and deliver them to the location-based area.

However, NetSuite WMS also incorporates the concept of speaking pathway to both the single and multiple order span to correctly identify the clustering opportunities.

Build On NetSuite

WMS NetSuite is a part of a unified suite of applications associated with NetSuite. It reacts to the updates I created for the natives of NetSuite WMS transaction records for real-time delivery. Before dispatching the product, the item is scanned properly and then immediately updated into the records with proper transactions and inventory associated with NetSuite WMS. It introduces the inventories transparency and proper transaction of the entire organization that helps employees work efficiently and accurately with their jobs and be more proactively indulging.

NetSuite WMS also provides all the management required in the warehouse to optimize the day-to-day activities and operations at the warehouse. Operations include receiving and storage of items. It also eliminates the manual process and allows you to run the warehouse better and organically. It also leads to good delivery on customers’ expectations and minimizes the cost of handling.


NetSuite WMS can transform warehouse operations if provided with suitable software. If you are a business holder, then it will be a perfect option for you to go with the Oracle NetSuite warehouse management system as it is a cloud-based management program specifically designed for industrial businesses, and it can efficiently handle the various departments of the company. You can use it to include your Business Report and warehouse management inventory; you can also use it for customer management and sales management. It provides large and flexible customization with reliable data and cloud security and with many more features.

It helps provide deeper business insight to optimize the marketing budget and other allocation of resources into the different media channels. You can quickly upload all your data and information to the NetSuite software. It is one of the most popular data analyzers for warehouses and reports faster using a cloud data pipeline.