Top 10 Considerations For Choosing A NetSuite Implementation Partner Direct Or Partner
CREATED ON : 16 Dec 2020

Top 11 Considerations For Choosing A NetSuite Implementation Partner – Direct Or Partner

Dec,16,2020· read

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NetSuite is the leading cloud-based enterprise software platform embraced by companies across all niches. As a business, if you have decided to embrace the power of NetSuite for your business, purchasing the software is not enough. You also need to consider industry-specific and custom implementation of the software for your business. This is where choosing a NetSuite implementation partner becomes important. 

But before you choose any NetSuite alliance partner, it is important to get an overview of the implementation options. Here we explain. 

What Are The Key Implementation Options?

For implementing NetSuite software in your business, you basically have three options at your disposal. 

  • Self Implementation Of NetSuite 

Yes, an organization can always go for implementing the software on its own without relying on any of the NetSuite solution provider partners. This self implementation process is more time consuming and demanding in terms of in-house expertise. You must have a professional team well versed with the NetSuite software and its typical scope of the implementation in your business. 

  • Direct Implementation From Oracle 

After purchasing the NetSuite software you can approach the Oracle sales team for implementation support. Though you are not going to get any additional cost advantage as far as the price of the software is concerned, by working with any of the NetSuite solution partners you get the dedicated and rigorous support of NetSuite professionals to ensure custom implementation to the advantage of your business. 

  •  NetSuite Partner

Unlike the above two options, top NetSuite partners are well versed with the scope of custom implementation for different businesses to ensure optimum benefits. Since the leading NetSuite partners have their entire business process focused on the task of NetSuite implementation, their standalone expertise with the software comes in handy and useful for the companies embracing the software platform.

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The Key Reasons To Go For A NetSuite Implementation Partner 

Why hire a NetSuite implementation partner?

Now that we have explained the basic options for NetSuite implementation and the value proposition of choosing an expert NetSuite partner, here we discuss the key reasons to go for a NetSuite implementation partner. 

  • Experience and Expertise: The leading NetSuite partners have years of experience and experience with NetSuite implementation across businesses and many of these leading service providers have done more than a hundred implementations. This huge experience and proven expertise come in handy to customize the NetSuite features as per the organic nature and demands of a business. 
  • Impact on Revenue: The real outcome of the NetSuite implementation should be visible in terms of enhanced revenue growth. This is where dedicated NetSuite implementation consultants play a big role by configuring the specific software settings and features to boost the efficiency and productivity of the business that results in an assured positive impact in the Return on Investment (ROI). 
  • Time-tested Methodology: Thanks to their years of experience and expertise, a NetSuite implementation program offered by a leading service provider ensures thorough command of the process and methodologies for the implementation tasks and this ensures more reliability.  Moreover, you can also opt for the implementation partner based upon your preferred implementation methodology. 
  • Community: The robust community support of the NetSuite customers and implementation partners is a key benefit. The fast-expanding NetSuite community comprising specialists, partners, and professionals offer a great background to avail any support corresponding to any implementation issue. 
  • Post-implementation Support: Continuous support and maintenance service from the NetSuite implementation partner is another crucial advantage that other implementation options won’t provide. 

How Do I Choose The Most Suitable NetSuite Partner?

How Do I Choose The Most Suitable NetSuite Partner?

As of now, it has been more or less clear that NetSuite is a kind of software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that can’t be instantly plugged in for immediate use. This is why having a long term and short term strategy for NetSuite implementation is very necessary. 

On the other hand, every NetSuite implementation partner is different, and not every one of them can be well suited for your specific business requirements from the NetSuite platform. You need to choose a NetSuite partner that knows your business well and have worked with similar projects earlier. 

Considering all these, here we are going to explain some of the key qualities and attributes you should look for in a NetSuite implementation partner. 

  • Strong Command On Skills

It is quite natural for a NetSuite partner to have a good command of the technical aspects of this SaaS platform and the way it works in various business settings. But the implementation partner company should also be well versed with the business process and corresponding knowledge. Consider, do they have the right customization skills to align with your business goals? 

  • Experience and Portfolio 

The unmistakable consideration is evaluating their previous track record and the experience of implementing NetSuite for different businesses, particularly businesses close to your niche. Consider getting a deeper understanding of their skills and expertise from some of the real case studies of their projects. Take some client references related to your niche and evaluate their work accordingly.

Remember, a NetSuite implementation partner that can benefit your business should have a good understanding of the business process and the scope of the NetSuite implementation project. A partner company can have years of experience with NetSuite implementation, but unless the company has enough experience and exposure to your industry, it may not be the right choice. 

  • Methodology and Process 

It has been a widely known fact that most businesses experience a negative impact when implementing new software. Naturally, you should have a preventive mechanism in place to avoid such discord regarding the NetSuite implementation process. This is why it is important to ensure that the right methodology is followed by proper planning at the time of NetSuite implementation. 

With proper planning and by taking on board a company with appropriate methodology suitable for your business you can also avoid the delay in implementation and guide the entire process to successful completion with a strong command on every step. The partner company must follow a holistic methodology that addresses all the constraints including time, budget, business challenges, etc.

Importance of hiring NetSuite Implementation partner

  • Clarity And Transparency 

When hiring any of the top NetSuite consultants make sure you have a detailed communication on the pricing and all other terms. The communication should be transparent leaving no scope for hidden costs and a lack of understanding for the process. 

The communication with the partner should come with details like project timeline, breakdowns of the tasks, and precise deadlines that can help everyone to remain synced. Make sure the partner company uses quality project management software for transparent communication on milestones, tasks, approvals, and feedback. 

  • Organisational Work Culture 

Organizational work culture, training, and skill development often become a crucial consideration. The work culture of a company that is equipped to accommodate the best industry talents can actually have a positive effect on its clients too. 

The partner company must have a sophisticated mechanism to ensure timely employee training and user adoption. Irrespective of the technical skills and qualifications of the developers, the employee training and user adoption process is important to sharpen their capabilities when working with a company. Remember, non-optimized user adoption is a key reason for the failure of implementing software in many companies. 

  • Long-term Support

Apart from all the considerations mentioned above, you must evaluate the long term support offered by an Oracle NetSuite implementation company. Remember, a software implementation for such business-critical processes like ERP and CRM cannot be just a one-time job. 

You must evaluate whether the company offers to continue to address issues in the long run and can help bring changes with the software configuration as per the organizational needs. 

Long-term Support


So, while implementing a NetSuite software platform you need to go through all these considerations if you want to get the most out of this leading enterprise software solution. The experience of most companies indicates the irreplaceable advantages of working with a specialist implementation partner and your business cannot be an exception to this.