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Nov,25,2020· read

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NetSuite, the world’s leading ERP, and CRM development platform can be a little daunting for people not having any technical background. Well, for a business to take advantage of the NetSuite based ERP, it is important to hire technologically skilled NetSuite solution partners.  If you are still confused about what NetSuite alliance partners do and what are the specific reasons to hire them, here goes our explanation. 

What Do NetSuite Implementation Partners Do?

What Do NetSuite Implementation Partners Do?

Typically Netsuite solution providers know the platform in and out and understand the typical technical constraints and business challenges associated with the NetSuite implementation. An expert NetSuite partner helps you get the most out of this globally acclaimed ERP system. 

Let’s have no confusion about the fact that NetSuite in spite of its array of superior advantages is also one of the most complex ERP systems out there with a bevy of complicated features and attributes that only experienced experts can deal with. Moreover, a NetSuite partner can help implement the ERP system as per the specific industry requirements. For example, NetSuite eCommerce partners can help an online store to take advantage of the platform. 

The most important reason to hire a NetSuite implementation partner is to ensure optimum focus on your business without getting mired in technical aspects. A NetSuite partner can help you get the best of the platform with the least effort. 

Here are the key things that a NetSuite implementation partner does in the beginning before starting with the NetSuite project. 

  • Understanding the scope of NetSuite implementation: At the very beginning, a business development representative from the NetSuite partner will meet the clients in order to understand the key pain points and business processes and evaluate whether and how NetSuite can benefit the business.

  • In-depth evaluation: After the scope of NetSuite implementation and specific reasons for the move are established it is time for an expert ERP consultant to do a deeper analysis of the entire business processes and various pain points. Based on this data-driven analysis, the Netsuite partner will suggest the ideal solution for maximizing the benefits of the platform.

  • Demonstrating the advantages: Based upon the entire analysis and evaluation the NetSuite implementation partner will prepare a free demo without requiring any commitment on the part of clients. This will help the business clients to review the NetSuite implementation plan and the key advantages it is capable to deliver. 

Once the client is completely satisfied with the demonstrated results and output, an Agreement is signed to carry on the specific tasks for implementing the ERP system as per specific business needs. 

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Post Implementation Responsibilities 

While choosing the right partner for implementing this awesome ERP system requires considering experience, skills, and proven expertise, it is equally important to hire a NetSuite partner that offers comprehensive and extensive support throughout the life cycle. 

Doing a satisfactory implementation is one thing and providing continuous and comprehensive support is another thing. While the first fulfills the basic requirement, the latter actually creates the long-term usefulness of the NetSuite implementation. This is why when choosing a NetSuite partner, it is important to consider long-term support. Just doing a nice implementation job is not just enough. The solution provider must provide support and solve issues as and when required. 

Why Hire A Specialist NetSuite Partner?

You first need to have a convincing answer to this question. All the advantages of hiring a specialist NetSuite developer should be clear to you. It is common for a business to know why it cannot implement NetSuite properly without taking any third-party help. Before answering this question let us remind you that NetSuite is a complex and multilayered ERP system that just cannot be aligned properly with a business process without professional expertise. 

As we have explained earlier, thanks to the help of a NetSuite partner a business can concentrate more keenly on core business processes and key issues. When you leave the NetSuite implementation to the business partner you can easily concentrate on core business elements and implement the system better. 

A certified NetSuite expert having years of experience across a multitude of business projects can easily customize the NetSuite implementation based on specific business needs and processes. The expert NetSuite developers help strategic implementation of the ERP solution exactly the way a business can be benefited from. 

Why Hire A Specialist NetSuite Partner?

Why Choose VNMT Solutions For NetSuite Implementation? 

VNMT over the years established its expertise as a global leader among the NetSuite implementation services and served countless business projects all around the globe covering all major business niches. 

At VNMT we follow an implementation process that is thoroughly aligned with the business goal of the client company and we make sure that the NetSuite ERP system in your company works flawlessly to reduce all the process bottlenecks and obstructions. Our NetSuite implementation focuses on solving key business issues and process challenges while maintaining optimum scalability and ease of integration at every step. 

We are one of the top NetSuite implementation partners in Australia with a continuously expanding global footprint across continents. Having a highly qualified team of experts and certified professionals, we ensure maintaining the highest trustworthiness and reliability. 

Our custom NetSuite implementation helped countless business brands address process bottlenecks and ensure streamlined operation focused more on efficiency, productivity, and customer-centric output.

Our NetSuite expertise doesn’t just cover the implementation, alignment, and integration part. We also take extreme care for post-implementation support. We boast of a large and responsive client support team ready to jump on any NetSuite issue. 


NetSuite is going to remain the leading ERP solution for years to come. But to take full advantage of the platform to the optimum limit, expert implementation is necessary. This is why you need to be meticulous about getting the right partner on board.