The NetSuite Beginner’s Guide for 2024
CREATED ON : 16 Jan 2024

The NetSuite Beginner’s Guide for 2024

Jan,16,2024· read

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The amount of information that comes up when you search for NetSuite ERP online might be daunting. There are several methods to get NetSuite for your company and apply it if you’ve been doing your research. In this blog, we will emphasize the many alternatives for your business for your price, purchase, implementation, installation, and services. This NetSuite Beginner’s guide will provide the information you need to determine what’s best for your business.

Whether you are a large organization looking for the whole NetSuite product portfolio or a small organization solely interested in NetSuite CRM, here is the essential NetSuite user guide for you: 

Why are businesses opting for NetSuite?

As you are already aware, NetSuite is the world’s top cloud-based business and management software provider. It enables businesses to manage their core business processes through a single integrated system. It covers different segments, including ERP, Financials, CRM, eCommerce, Professional Services Automation, and inventory. NetSuite can support every part of your organization and is quick to implement, simple to use, and versatile.

Numerous businesses use NetSuite ERP to: 

  • Manage and optimize operations, information, and procedures.
  • Achieve enterprise-wide visibility from a single source.
  • Scale for company expansion.
  • Achieve improved productivity and planning for your business.
  • Get rid of corporate inefficiencies and information silos.

While these benefits can help transform any business to a new level, it is vital to understand when and why your business requires them. 

How to determine if implementing NetSuite is the right choice for you?

Always start by asking questions. Here are a few common queries that you can ask yourself:

  • Does your company have a strong growth rate?
  • Is your present business system challenging to grow to meet future company requirements?
  • Would real-time data help your company make more informed decisions?
  • Do you rely heavily on spreadsheets and stale knowledge?
  • Are you aiming to expand into other markets?

If your answer to any of these after-mentioned questions is a YES, NetSuite is your perfect solution!

As the use of the cloud worldwide quickens, NetSuite Essentials effectively keeps providing businesses worldwide with the top cloud ERP / financial suites. NetSuite is built to expand as your business does and is highly scalable, configurable, and cost-effective.

How much does NetSuite cost?

Now that you know that NetSuite is the golden door to improved business management, it is time to discuss the cost of purchasing NetSuite. 

Your company will profit from realizing the long-term cost reductions from switching to NetSuite’s Cloud ERP. With regard to NetSuite pricing, several elements need to be taken into account, including configuration, complexity, modules, the total number of users, contract length, and project scope.

In addition to being software, NetSuite is a market leader in enterprise software as a service, according to IDC Marketplace (Software as a Service). NetSuite has a flexible subscription model with payments made monthly, yearly, or over more extended periods of time. Most of the fundamental NetSuite product license costs start out lower than average. Like with other businesses, you’ll get a better price and renewal security the longer you commit to a subscription.

What are the different pricing Licensing levels of NetSuite?

Different pricing Licensing levels of NetSuite
  • NetSuite Limited Edition: For small enterprises with a unified force, less than 50 workers, and a need for 1–10 users, NetSuite Limited Edition is the ideal option.
  • NetSuite Mid-Market Edition: It is an excellent option for businesses with two or more legal entities, between 11 and 1,000 users, and a need for the flexibility to conduct consolidated financial reporting in many currencies.
  • NetSuite Enterprise Edition: This version of NetSuite is made for more than 1,001 users.
  • Limited price per-user license fees: You don’t need to classify some of your employees as primary, routine users if they just use NetSuite to check in and out daily.

How do these Pricing Models work?

Every sector may use NetSuite. For your company, NetSuite offers the ability to select and choose different NetSuite products (like CRM), or you may ask for everything to be bundled together. Instead of licensing one or two NetSuite items, get the full suite to obtain cheaper NetSuite pricing. Your NetSuite Implementation partner can assist you in selecting and modifying each NetSuite product to meet your unique requirements.  


You can rely on these seasoned experts to go through requirements, customize NetSuite to your precise business requirements, and provide you with a direct route to experts. They would comprehend your objectives and create an efficient software plan for your company when purchasing a NetSuite license.


These professionals know that deploying NetSuite is a significant step in a commitment to the future. So, they try to provide their clients with the most acceptable prices, services, and financial assistance on the market.


In order to finance NetSuite in a way that makes sense for your company, the NetSuite specialists will work with you. They make NetSuite inexpensive and get it up and running, whether you pay the whole price upfront or split the cost over time. Thanks to our collaboration with NetSuite, they can even negotiate the best prices for your company and present you with the best price scenario. 

While now you know about the benefits of NetSuite implementation, it is time to take a deeper dive and analyze the available features of this business management software. 

What are the main Features of NetSuite?

Main Features of NetSuite

NetSuite ERP

  • Acceptance of Credit Cards, ACH, EFT
  • Accounts Payable
  • Bank Management and Reconciliations
  • Employee Center (Time and Expense management)
  • General Ledger
  • Item and inventory management
  • Multi-Currency / Multi-Language
  • Order Management
  • Project Management
  • Purchasing

Netsuite CRM

  • Case Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Opportunity Management
  • Multi-Currency / Multi-Language
  • Order Management

How to get a NetSuite license?

Running a successful business for the present and the future requires NetSuite. No matter how excellent your items are, managing your company daily requires using dependable business management software. 

NetSuite knowledgeable consultants can offer you more value for your money if you’re looking for benefits you can’t obtain through NetSuite corporate. With your long-term business objectives in mind from the beginning, we have helped hundreds of businesses with anything from large implementation projects to modest integration features.

How can you take care of NetSuite Implementation?

Proper implementation of the tools is essential since purchasing an ERP is one of the firms’ most significant expenditures. Choosing the best software for your company is just as crucial as picking the best NetSuite implementation partner. Without the proper assistance, instruction, and resources, more than 75% of all ERP adoption efforts fall short, according to Gartner data. So, by establishing contact with a strong group of NetSuite specialists, you can position your company for success. 

Planning and preparation, configuration and data transfer, testing, and training before your go-live date are all essential components of a successful installation strategy. They are available whenever you need them and are prepared to help you with short-term or long-term projects, from NetSuite implementation to everything. They can assist you with systematic NetSuite ERP deployment with their technical know-how, business sense, and best practices.

What are the benefits of hiring a NetSuite Alliance partner?

From Large-scale NetSuite services and support to first-rate customer care, these professionals strive to provide their clients with a complete package. They offer the following services:

  • Licenses for NetSuite
  • System Configuration and Go-Live Readiness Assessment
  • Adopting Best Practices
  • Professional direction, troubleshooting, and support
  • System Configuration and Go-Live Readiness Assessment
  • Education about the software
  • Audits and System Health Checks
  • Technical Support for Workflows, Reports, Saved Searches, and Scripting
  • Support for SuiteBuilder, SuiteBundler, SuiteCloud, SuiteScript, SuiteFlow, SuiteTalk, and SuiteAnalytics
  • Assistance with the creation of programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
  • Enhancement Suite
  • Go-live Success Support, Best Practices, Consulting, and Customizations

Apart from these services, the NetSuite Experts also offer constant support to their clients, including:

  • Post-go-live and go-live support
  • Help with managing NetSuite
  • Fixing problems with applications and business processes
  • Questions and responses relating to business procedures or application functionality
  • Meetings to restructure or improve company operations
  • Education (train the trainer or end-user training)
  • Modifications to the configuration and setup of the current system
  • Customization: specifications, design, development, testing, authorization, and installation
  • Integrations with additional software programs
  • Solutions to the system’s bugs

Get the best NetSuite Tutorial for Beginners with VNMT!

The evaluation, implementation, setup, customization, and services of NetSuite are all areas of competence for VNMT. We are a top-tier, award-winning NetSuite reseller and all-inclusive NetSuite store to serve our NetSuite customers right. 

For NetSuite support, you can always have a direct line to one of our knowledgeable IT experts, giving you the chance to ask questions and go through best practices, purchasing choices, prices, products, and more. VNMT puts a lot of effort into every project to comprehend your routine operations and key business requirements and then offers specialized solutions to help you realize your objectives. Our consultants are knowledgeable, transparent, and sincere. We steer the correct dialogues and achieve outstanding outcomes. 


While both systems can handle manufacturing and supply chain management, NetSuite may be a better fit for businesses that do not require HR or marketing modules in the same system as their manufacturing data. On the other hand, SAP's professional services features are ideal for businesses with extensive human capital resources. 

A NetSuite ERP implementation is quite involved, as it necessitates extensive planning and preparation, configuration and data migration, and a testing, optimization, and training period. 

NetSuite administrators are in charge of configuring and maintaining NetSuite for your company. A NetSuite administrator will work with team members from all business functions and external development teams to customize NetSuite, resolve user issues, and define processes.