NetSuite Walmart Integration

NetSuite Walmart Integration: A Win-Win For Retailers & Consumers 


Nov,20,2023· read

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Walmart NetSuite Integration is a streamlined connection between Walmart’s e-commerce platform and NetSuite, a robust cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This integration automates various processes, allowing businesses to efficiently manage orders, synchronize product data, and optimize inventory levels. It offers real-time data synchronization, ensuring that customer accounts, inventory, and sales orders seamlessly flow between the two platforms.  

Walmart NetSuite Integration empowers businesses to scale, make data-driven decisions, and enhance the overall e-commerce experience by simplifying tasks like order processing and inventory management. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large enterprise, this integration facilitates the seamless exchange of critical information, promoting efficiency and growth in the e-commerce industry. 

This integration enables bi-directional data flow, allowing information to move seamlessly between the two platforms. For instance, customer accounts and orders from Walmart can be imported into NetSuite, ensuring accurate and real-time order processing. Additionally, product data, including descriptions, images, pricing, and inventory levels, can be synchronized between the systems. 

To set up this integration, you’ll typically work with a NetSuite solution provider well-versed in NetSuite’s coding languages. There are two primary methods to connect Walmart and NetSuite: 

  • NetSuite Connector: This is a quick and straightforward option for mapping data points but offers limited customization. 
  • NetSuite Integration: Built using an iPaaS, it provides comprehensive integrations and robust customization options. It’s the ideal choice for businesses seeking tailored solutions. 
Key Integration Flow

The Walmart Integration with NetSuite relies on reliable connectors to facilitate seamless data exchange and workflow automation. Three notable connectors include: 

  • NetSuite: NetSuite itself provides a solid foundation for integrating with Walmart. Businesses can choose NetSuite integration and create customized solutions to meet their unique e-commerce requirements and efficiently manage their Walmart-based operations. 
  • Celigo: Integration using Celigo for e-commerce platforms enables connectivity between NetSuite and Walmart. It provides pre-built integrations and customizable solutions, making it easier to synchronize data, streamline processes, and enhance operational efficiency. 
  • Folio: Folio, known for its expertise in e-commerce integration, plays a crucial role in connecting NetSuite with Walmart. It offers a range of features to optimize order processing, inventory management, and customer data synchronization, ensuring a smooth integration experience. 

These connectors are essential components that enable businesses to leverage the power of the NetSuite Walmart Integration, optimizing their e-commerce operations for growth and success. 

The NetSuite Walmart Integration is beneficial for e-commerce businesses of all sizes looking to streamline their operations. Small businesses can automate order processing and inventory management, saving time and resources. Medium-sized enterprises can scale more efficiently and make data-driven decisions with real-time insights. Large corporations can benefit from the seamless synchronization of extensive product catalogs and multiple sales channels.   

In essence, NetSuite Walmart Integration is one of the best NetSuite integrations for business, and anyone seeking to optimize the efficiency of their Walmart-based e-commerce operations, improve customer experiences, and simplify complex workflows should consider NetSuite Integration. Whether you’re just starting in e-commerce or are a well-established player, this integration offers valuable tools to drive growth and success in the competitive online retail landscape. 

Integration Capabilities Of NetSuite Walmart Integration

The Walmart Integration with NetSuite offers a comprehensive set of capabilities to streamline and enhance various aspects of your e-commerce operations on Walmart. Here’s a detailed overview of these integration capabilities: 

Sales Order Synchronization: The integration facilitates the seamless exchange of sales orders between Walmart and NetSuite. When customers place orders on Walmart’s platform, the data is automatically imported into NetSuite for order fulfilment and efficient processing. 

Product and Inventory Synchronization: Product data, including descriptions, images, pricing, and inventory levels, can be synchronized between Walmart and NetSuite. This ensures that your product listings on Walmart accurately reflect the information in your NetSuite system. 

Order and Customer Synchronization: Customer accounts and order data from Walmart are effortlessly imported into NetSuite. This not only reduces manual data entry but also ensures that customer accounts are up-to-date, enabling a more personalized shopping experience. 

The integration enables the export of shipping details, making it easy to manage shipping and logistics. This ensures that orders are processed efficiently and customers receive timely updates on their shipments. 

You can manage your product catalogs effectively through the integration. This includes updating item descriptions, images, categories, and attributes, ensuring consistency and accuracy across platforms. 

The Integration provides a high degree of customization. Businesses can tailor the integration to match their specific requirements and workflows, ensuring that it aligns with their unique processes. 

The integration allows you to update inventory levels from single or multiple warehouse locations, ensuring that your product availability on Walmart accurately reflects the stock levels in NetSuite You can also synchronize pricing information, ensuring consistency in your pricing strategy across platforms. 

With real-time synchronization of customer accounts and orders, you can enhance your customer service. You have access to up-to-date customer data, enabling personalized support and efficient order management. 

By automating various processes, the integration saves valuable time for your business. Manual data entry and order processing are minimized, allowing your team to focus on other critical tasks. This increased efficiency can lead to cost savings in the long run. 

Automating data transfer between Walmart and NetSuite reduces the risk of manual errors. This ensures that the information remains accurate and up to date, reducing the potential for order processing mistakes and data inconsistencies. 

When setting up the integration, several crucial points should be kept in mind to ensure a successful and efficient integration process.  

Research and study how other retailers in your niche operate within Walmart’s e-commerce ecosystem. Pay attention to their product listings’ depth and quality, including detailed descriptions and the number of images they use. Take note of whether they expand their presence to other platforms like eBay or Amazon.  

Selecting the appropriate integration app is essential for a smooth process. Utilize a trusted third-party integration app like Shoppingfeed to simplify and streamline the integration between NetSuite and Walmart. Consider trying out free trials or demos to ensure that the chosen app aligns with your inventory management needs and can save you time and effort. A well-suited integration app should enhance your productivity and efficiency in managing your listings.  

Determining the right time to initiate the NetSuite Walmart integration is vital. Several factors should influence your decision. Assess whether manual data transfer is consuming excessive time, and if you’re encountering challenges in this process, get help from NetSuite Integration Services.  

It’s also important to evaluate whether your sales volume has reached a point where accurate records are needed for tax purposes. Additionally, consider whether you frequently experience stock shortages at Walmart and need a more effective inventory tracking system. Evaluating your readiness for integration ensures that it serves your current business needs effectively.  

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The NetSuite Walmart Integration offers a powerful solution for e-commerce businesses seeking to streamline their operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth. With the ability to synchronize sales orders, product and inventory data, and more, it allows businesses to save time and money while providing a solid foundation for efficient order processing and inventory management.  

By choosing the right integration app and timing and studying industry best practices, businesses can embark on a successful integration journey and for effective results, you can contact NetSuite Integration Consultants. The NetSuite Walmart Integration empowers businesses to grow in the competitive e-commerce landscape, making it a valuable asset for online retailers of all sizes. 


It synchronizes sales orders, product and inventory data, and customer information, ensuring data accuracy and real-time updates.

Start by studying industry best practices, select the right integration app, and choose the optimal timing to initiate the integration.

Benefits include time and cost savings, enhanced customer service, improved marketing efforts, and error reduction in order processing.

Yes, the integration offers a high degree of customization, allowing you to tailor it to your specific requirements and workflows.

Yes, real-time data synchronization ensures that data is consistently up to date between Walmart and NetSuite.

Virtually any industry with an e-commerce presence can benefit, as the integration streamlines processes and enhances customer experiences.

By adopting this integration, businesses can optimize their e-commerce operations, reduce manual work, and stay competitive in the ever-evolving online retail landscape.