NetSuite Analytics Warehouse
CREATED ON : 24 Feb 2022

A Complete Guide Of NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW)

Feb,24,2022· read

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Netsuite ERP and business automation system is known for its robust analytics and reporting modules and features. Now Oracle NetSuite has come with the all-new NetSuite Analytics Warehouse. Developed based on two systems such as the Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, this new analytics platform is very effective in helping customers to detect data-driven patterns and relevant insights that come from them. 

The Netsuite implementation companies that get a lot of customer queries to enhance the analytical and reporting capabilities of the ERP system will find  NetSuite Analytics Warehouse particularly useful. This new NetSuite offering can deliver a lot of data-driven business insights based upon the data processed by the Netsuite ERP and other third-party sources. 

There can be hardly any doubt about the fact that modern companies now have access to a higher volume and variety of data than earlier. The exponential growth of data in both volume and variety apart from throwing security and data maintenance challenges is also opening new decision-making opportunities for businesses. With data-driven insights, business decisions can be less vulnerable to errors and decision dilemmas. This is where the value propositions of NetSuite Analytics Warehouse stands out.

Introducing NetSuite Analytics Warehouse

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) is offered by Netsuite as an out-of-the-box data warehousing and analytics solution. Developed as a module within the Oracle NetSuite ERP, this analytics solution incorporates diverse data sources ranging from NetSuite ERP data and data from other legacy software systems used by the business. The analytical tool is powered by continuous learning capability and it can tune to the data it is fed on. Let’s take a closer look at the key parts of the solution, namely, Netsuite ERP, Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) and Oracle Data Warehouse. What NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) account will fit your specific analytics requirements can best be decided by experienced reputed NetSuite implementation consultants. 


Oracle NetSuite is the most comprehensive and modular ERP platform with great scope customisation and scalability as per the business needs. With a rich set of customisable apps, Netsuite can manage the entire business processes of organisations ranging from orders, finance, accounting, warehousing, supply chain, sales and marketing, CRM and many others. Because of this robust feature set and abilities Netsuite is also termed the business process automation suite. 

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) provides a rich set of data analytics tools to carry out instant analysis of data from diverse sources and systems. Apart from handling multiple sources of data, this toolset is also capable of using machine learning and deep learning to produce highly precise predictive insights. With robust analytical capabilities, it can deliver a variety of data models and patterns corresponding to the market, customer buying behaviour and many other aspects. 

Oracle Data Warehouse

Oracle Data Warehouse is a cloud-based database system similar to the original Oracle database architecture. Besides leveraging well-acclaimed database tools and practices, this data warehousing solution brings all the benefits of the cloud such as awesome scalability, lower overhead expense, top-notch security, etc.

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) basically brings all these components together within a robust data analytics solution to help businesses access all the features and advantages of these constituent systems. Thanks to these constituent systems NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) will give you the power of dealing with multiple sources of data, best data security practices and scalability of the cloud.  On top of all, these Oracle database system features, can extend existing Netsuite SuiteAnalytics and leverage the robust real-time reporting features with different metrics and dashboards. 

Key Features of NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW)

Netsuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) offers a comprehensive set of features and capabilities to streamline business analysis, data visibility and data management in a context-aware manner. Before we explain the benefits and offerings of NSAW, let us have a look at the key features of Netsuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW).  

  • Expressly developed for Netsuite ERP system 
  • Accommodating multiple data sources
  • Seamless ability to find data and allow data-centric collaboration 
  • Robust data administration and database management 
  • Ability to dig deeper data insights and details 
  • Seamless data transfer 
  • Faster and role-based data access

The Key Benefits Of NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW)

As of now, we have discussed how NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) works and the three different accounts of this Netsuite solution. Now we need to explain the key offerings of this solution for the Netsuite ERP users.  

  • Seamless And Safe Data Transfer: NetSuite Analytics Warehouse established automatic connection with the Netsuite ERP system and ensures secure and seamless data transfer. This gives business users freedom from strenuous manual integration efforts for data transmission. 
  • Rigorous Analytics Involving Data From All Sources: NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) offers a very rigorous analytics solution that can make use of data from different third-party sources such as Salesforce and Google Analytics as well as Netsuite ERP data. Businesses no longer need to rely on NetSUite integration partner for integrating legacy system data. Moreover it offers a more simple and streamlined data analytics approach. 
  • Easier Manipulation Of Different KPIs And Metrics: NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) comes with a variety of ready to use metrics and KPIs for different job roles so that the analytics can put to contextual use by different employees.  
  • Agile Decision Making Made Easier: The streamlined decision making by using relevant real time data and data-driven insights and patterns has always been a promise of Netsuite business automation. Now this promise is realised along with promises for more agility. An industry acclaimed NetSuite alliance partner can help you get the most out of this robust analytics toolset. Automatic data transmission and access to multiple third-party app data from the tool helps a business get the most useful insights for faster and precision-driven decision making. 
  • Access To Robust Dashboard And Reporting: NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) by combining with the existing Netsuite analytics solution actually helps you to get maximum out of the Netsuite dashboard and reporting solution. Thanks to the wider scope of the new consolidated analytics and multitude of role based metrics and KPIs, now executives in different organisational roles can take agile and highly context-aware decisions.
  • No manual Coding Efforts: one of the biggest benefits of NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) is that it allows incorporating a lot of new third-party data sources within the compass of the analytics warehouse without writing a single line of code. This saves the entire efforts and time of the Netsuite integration experts.
  • Far Better Compliance And Auditing: NetSuite Analytics Warehouse with its ability to store and analyse multitude of data from diverse legacy software systems and Netsuite ERP system ensures easy adherence to industry compliance standards and auditing guidelines.
  • A lot Of Unprecedented Insights: In the end a new analytics solution can only be promising if it can deliver a lot of nee and unprecedented data insights that the previous analytics system was incapable of. In this respect, the new Netsuite analytics solution seems to have an edge as it can more easily detect patterns and trends, easily dig data for more useful insights and can take historical snapshots of the business data metrics for analysis. 
  • Self Service Analytics: For an operations team member it is no longer required to look up to the data analytics team to provide them relevant insights for particular decision-making juncture. Now, NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) with its role based analytical capacity helps employees to use the analytics tools as per their context and need. 


Finally, NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) comes as an out of the box solution and hence saves the entire cost and time it takes to develop the data warehouse. Thus pace and easy cloud-based Dara warehousing approach bring fish the cost several times. Since analytics continue to rise in importance for agile and context-aware decisions making across businesses of all niches, this new and more powerful Netsuite analytics will save your valuable time and efforts.