A Comprehensive Guide Of NetSuite Tools For Every Business

A Comprehensive Guide To Different Netsuite Tools For Different Businesses

Mar,17,2021· read

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When you consider using NetSuite ERP, it is advisable to keep a bigger picture in mind. This is because on a bigger picture you can actually understand the advantages of NetSuite across multiple business processes. The exceptional thing about NetSuite as the leading enterprise resource planning system is that it boasts of a wide array of native tools with awesome flexibility of coding as well as integrations.

The NetSuite ERP system was developed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) right from the beginning. This is why as an ERP platform NetSuite contains a variety of software modules capable of interacting with one another. It offers full flexibility and freedom to the business users and they can decide what the NetSuite system will do for them and how it will help them in business processes. 

Thanks to NetSuite SuiteCloud a business can customize nearly every feature and function within a system. With all these tools under SuiteCloud, NetSuite custom development of business specific ERP becomes possible. Every different tool is particularly shaped to cater to one specific need. Here we are going to explain all the NetSuite customisation tools and their features one by one. 

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NetSuite SuiteBuilder

NetSuite SuiteBuilder coming as the core NetSuite development tool helps users to custom build the user interface by making use of different elements such as forms, fields, and records. This helps a business to shape the way processes individually will interact and allow implementation within the system. Without any coding the “point and click” user interface can be customised through this SuiteBuilder. 

Some of the key features of the NetSuite SuiteBuilder include the following.

Key features of NetSuite Suitebuilder

  • Business process configuration allows accommodating any specific requirement for the company. 

  • Data relationship and user Interface customization allows creating database tables by incorporating custom records with alteration of NS functions. 

  • Dashboard personalization will allow each individual user to have his system dashboard based on the specific responsibilities of the user. 

  • It also offers support to various records and operations that can be custom developed or added.

NetSuite SuiteAnalytics

Thanks to NetSuite SuiteAnalytics reporting has become easier than ever before. SuiteAnalytics allows connecting NetSuite data to make understand the real meaning of data driven insights corresponding to the data source and the logic behind the data. 

NetSuite users are now capable of building all types of reports and can save all searches by using SuiteAnalytics workbooks. It makes things easier by allowing you to use its simple drag and drop features. 

Some of the key benefits of SuiteAnalytics include consolidated data source, 

full data visualization instead of formats, easy to understand insights, and a highly user friendly interface. 

Some of the top features of SuiteAnalytics include the following. 

  • Allowing different company entities to join at different levels
  • Create queries on top of earlier queries
  • Drag and drop filters and editing 
  • Complete reporting based on self-service 
  • Analytics on the move
  • Customised and real-time dashboards
  • Allowing dynamic interactions with data 
  • Offering previews instantly 
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

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NetSuite SuiteFlow

NetSuite SuiteFlow offers NetSuite developers and NetSuite users a robust and richly featured platform to allow complete automation with custom business operations. Thanks to SuiteFlow different tasks such as lead nurturing, sales discounting, and approving purchase orders become now extremely easier. 

Some of the key SuiteFlow benefits for the NetSuite users include high speed workflow implementation, response to changing business needs, continuous tracking of operational tasks and glitches, the agility of operation at all levels, etc.

Some of the key features of NetSuite SuiteFlow include the following. 

 key features of NetSuite SuiteFlow

  • Particular trigger events leading automatically to a workflow. 
  • Workflows based on different rules to help to streamline business operations.
  • Well articulated conditional actions.
  • Engaging visual interface for workflow management that can be edited by tweaking different workflow states, rules, and conditions.


NetSuite SuiteScript allows creating automation in any software program by developing on JavaScript. The platform APIs can be used for data manipulation through scripts. 

Some of the key options offered by SuiteScript to gain control over system management and customization include the following. 

  • SuiteScript IU extension helps you to develop an invisible custom interface to run in the original framework.

  • Suitelets extension to allow hosting HTML based front-end development right within the framework. 

  • Portlet SuiteScript to help to list all types of content on the dashboard.

  • Scheduled SuiteScript to process records as a scheduled batch for workflow automation. 

  • User Event SuiteScript to trigger scripts in case of any event or consequent changes. 

  • Client SuiteScript to facilitate field-level calculations, creating business logic, and sending alerts from the user’s browser. 

SuiteTalk Web services

NetSuite SuiteTalk is the Web services package from NetSuite. It comes as the package of NetSuite integration tools and offers a great way to set up, facilitate and configure all sorts of integrations including the On-Premise and third-party ones in NetSuite. 

Some of the key benefits of this tool include smooth integration across eCommerce, ERP, and CRM, third-party system support, helping with all data and real-time integrations, integration by leveraging prevailing skills such as Java or Microsoft .NET, easy security task and error handling for all core integrations.

Some of the key features of the SuiteTalk web service include the following. 

key features of the SuiteTalk web service

  • Standard-Based Integration to allow easy integration of custom objects and standard native records with the third-party apps.

  • Support for all development languages that allow using web services for integrations.

  • It uses the RESTlet framework to allow developers to set up custom procedures for all standard functions.

  • Comprehensive and robust Error Handling capability. 

  • Assuring highly reliable integrations.

  • Automatically validating on the basis of the field type. 

  • Offers support for custom fields.

  • Facilitates exceptions per every record.

  • Exercise complete control on web requests through NetSuite encryption, authorization, authentication, and session handling.

  • Restriction of operations under access privileges.

  • Support to security on a particular field basis.


NetSuite SuiteBundler helps NetSuite users to build bundles of everything they need. They can easily create packages of their required business processes and bring them within their enterprise system just with a single click. 

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All the different NetSuite tools we explained so far clearly showcase the power and versatility of the NetSuite platform to address diverse enterprise needs across multiple business niches and categories. On top of these tools, you can always opt for custom NetSuite implementation to address your specific requirements more closely.