Signal Brands: NetSuite Loop Returns API Integration

Signal Brands Achieved 98% Transactional Accuracy with NetSuite Loop Returns API Integration

Signal Brands manages premier fashion Brands worldwide. They create bags, small leather goods, luggage, and travel accessories and have a good presence in Australia. Their brands reflect contemporary design and timeless quality and appeal to various customer segments.

Concentrating on style and innovation, Signal Brands adjusts to changing market needs and remains in front of the curve in fashion. Their care for quality workmanship and design has earned them a reputation and high volume purchases for supplying fashionable, premium accessories throughout the globe.

Thus, high orders prompted Signal Brands to simplify order returns in NetSuite and Shopify. The challenge was to synchronize and handle complete refunds and various exchange scenarios with higher transactional precision and effective returns processing across platforms.


Solution we offered

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    Implemented SuiteScript for integration with NetSuite and Loop Returns APIs.

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    Automatic calls to Loop Returns API to capture return data and produce transactions in NetSuite.

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    Solution processes complete refunds, gift card refunds & exchange orders.

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    The system handles different exchange amounts and allows original payment methods or gift card returns.



The implementation of the integration was difficult. The data structures of LoopReturns and NetSuite required careful mapping to ensure information flow between the systems. This step was needed for data integrity and correct transaction processing.

Yet another challenge was handling diverse refund scenarios. The integration is required to handle complete refunds, gift card refunds, and complicated exchange transactions. Each scenario needed tailored handling to maintain financial accuracy and provide a positive customer experience.

The scalability of the integration was a prerequisite for Signal Brands' dynamic business demands. The system had to cope with dynamic transaction volumes without compromising performance. This necessitated robust architecture and testing to validate reliability with varying loads.



With a successful integration rate exceeding 95%, both systems are connected through API. The implemented solution consistently achieves over 98% accuracy when creating transactions in NetSuite and offers secure central tracking of the order return procedure.

This high-performance integration enhances operational efficiency and also shows dedication to precision, which results in a success rate well above industry standards.

Signal Brands can now manage returns with over ninety per cent of transactions appearing in NetSuite, enabling simplified operations and increased customer satisfaction.


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